Women Empowerment. Why?

“My money is my money, my boyfriend’s or husband’s money is still my money.”

To ladies out there, have you ever had the above thought? And the thought of becoming a stay-home housewife after marriage because your future husband is going to work and support the family? BUT have you ever thought that one day his money is no longer your money? How are you going to re-join the workforce after a period of unemployment? Are your skill sets still relevant in such fast pace society?

I realised that ladies should not depend on their boyfriend or future husband after broke up with my first boyfriend in 2012. In addition, I have also realised the importance of ladies to be financially educated. That was when I first educated myself financially and start to protect my finances.

As ladies, we eventually have to start a family, give birth and take care of family. As ladies, we are given maternity leave after a child delivery (if we have a family). Some ladies choose to go back to the workforce while others may stay home to look after the family. Staying at home to look after the family also implies the end of your active income. This is when financial protection and financial education comes in useful.

I will share more on these two term and my journey with money in future posts.

The famous lady from Buffett family, Mary Buffett, is my idol in terms of women empowerment. She demonstrates that women can remain strong without men; raised up her children by herself, invest in stock market, writes books and speaks on stage as a motivational speaker.

I had a few opportunities to chat with Mary and personally learnt from her in 2016 and I was definitely enlightened by her. I am motivated to help ladies around me to become financially literate with financial freedom as the ultimate goal. Therefore, by starting blog posts that focuses on women empowerment, I hope more ladies will benefit.

I would like to encourage ladies who are reading this. Investment is NOT exclusive for men. You can do it too!

More sharing on how to start investment journey will be in the future posts.



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