Why I Think You Should Buy Sketchers Rather Than Nike

No no no, I don’t mean buying the physical shoes but the stocks of the two companies.

Why I Think You Should Buy Sketchers Rather Than Nike

Let’s take a look at the comparison in terms of numbers: (Numbers may be adjusted as averages)

Nike is obviously a much bigger company in terms of market capitalization. To a large extent, many people will also agree with me that Nike has a much stronger brand name and brand equity which allows it to command a higher price for its products. In investment lingo, Nike is deemed to have a strong brand economic moat.

This translates into better financial performance for Nike too as you can see from the above table. Nike being a much bigger organization, however, has a slower revenue growth compared to Sketchers.

We probably can make a simple conclusion that Nike is a wonderful company.

Does this mean that you should go ahead and buy Nike now? After all, Warren Buffett said “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price”. There lies one key word fair. Is Nike fairly priced now? Let’s just look at its current PE of 32.3 and forward PE of 26.6, I won’t exactly say it is cheap. I would definitely have Nike in my shopping list when it is on sale though.

How about Sketchers?

Doing a quick PhD Fundamental Analysis method taught in our class Cashflow Mastery Program, we determine:


FCF/Revenue: 9%, Net Margin: 6%, ROE: 15%, ROA: 10%

I definitely don’t quite like the low net margin.

Financial Health

Looking at debt/equity, interest coverage and cash position, Sketchers definitely has a very good balance sheet with no debt.

Growth Drivers

Sketchers is growing revenue and EPS in the mid teen figures. We estimate the fair value to be about $32 per share.

Sketchers closed at $29.43 as at 5th June 2019. Using fair value of $32, it is currently undervalued with a 9% margin of safety. Would I go ahead and buy the stock and would you?

I like Sketchers in many aspects and I am even biased perhaps because I have so far bought 4 pairs of their shoes as I find the shoes light and very comfortable to wear. Nevertheless, Sketchers is not an ideal stock for me to own in the long term in terms of risk-reward, long-term growth potential and the key financial performance metrics. Alibaba, Facebook and Apple would meet my criteria.

Having said so, I do use options strategies on Sketchers and other companies. I have initiated a cash-protected sell put on Sketchers with strike price of $28, expiring 21 June 2019. The premium was $1 when I did the trade, translating into 3.57% or 42.84% annualized. If the price drops below $28, I would either roll down to a lower strike price or just pick up the stock, knowing that it is not a bad stock and slightly undervalued. This is a strategy that I use to generate monthly income. Using this strategy alone, I average a few thousand dollars of income per month.

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