Where Women Rule Finance and Men Think Banking Is Boring

What a title! It is the title from Bloomberg’s news today (8 March 2017).

According to Bloomberg, 31% of board and executive committee members in financial services in Thailand are WOMEN. Thailand beats U.S. for having women in the top finance jobs.

According to Bloomberg’s interview with the president of the Association of Investment Management Companies, a mutual funds trade group, and also chairman of BBL Asset Management Co., “Financial jobs require very detailed and cautious persons,” she said. “This may fit the female character more.”

“It’s a very tough job to balance business and family roles.” As mentioned by Kesara Manchusree, the president of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Yes, indeed most of the time women are the ones that takes care of a family’s day to day routines. Therefore being financially literate is really important for women. You don’t have to have all the accounting knowledge to be financially literate, all you need is a correct mentor to follow in your journey of financial literacy.

My mentors of my journey of investment: Sean Seah (Value investing college) and Ken Teng (Option Mastery Programme). Thanks to both my mentors, I am able to invest with a peace of mind. Making my money grow more money for me.

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I highly recommend these two courses to ladies who wants to learn investment but do not know where to start. The best part about these 2 courses: you do not need to stare at your computers everyday; simple system works the best.


Ladies, nobody cares about your money more than you do! Stop saying that being financially literate is none of your business! There are so many successful women out there as our motivation.


Journey with money would like to wish all ladies, Happy International Women’s Day!


Here is the link to the bloomberg’s news:



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