Value-investing Parenting Part 1: Having fun don’t have to be expensive

In your journey with money as a parent, you will probably need to budget your child’s education, leisure and basic necessities’ expenses. Being a value investor as well as a dad to my 2-year old daughter, I am always on the constant lookout to find ‘value deals’ for my daughter. In this post, I am going to share with you how I go about doing it. I sincerely hope parents will find this post informative and useful. You can definitely apply value investing principles to your parenting as well.

Most parents will always think of fun and interesting places to bring their little ones to play. Parents’ monies is the easiest to earn these days. Sometimes I am also ‘guilty’ of splurging a little on my darling daughter, bringing her to paid playgrounds like  Pororo Park, Amazonia & ZooMoove. I sure sound like I am advertising those places here. If you haven’t been to those places before, they are pretty fun. But recently, my wife and I have realised that in many of the estates in Singapore, there are many playgrounds and the best part they are all FOC! We found out that our darling daughter had the same amount of fun playing the see-saws and slides. Actually, our kids just need us to be spend quality time with them and not so much about bringing them to those expensive playgrounds that charged hourly rates

If the sun is blazing hot, you don’t have to worry. some shopping malls also have indoor playgrounds and are open to the public.

At the end of the day, my wife and I are able to achieve our objective of spending time with our daughter and watching her having fun. The money we saved can be used to invest and grow our money for her education etc.

In my next post, I will sharing on early childhood education. Stay tuned folks.

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