Value Investing Course

This post is my strong recommendation of a course on Value Investing in Singapore though it is also available in a few other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan etc.

The US stock market continues to run higher and higher. The PE ratio for S&P 500 is currently about 25. I have asked if You Are Prepared for a Stock Market Crash and in that article I could only generalise things as a little knowledge sometimes is a more dangerous thing.

The Chinese word “危机” basically implies that with any crisis, there may also be an opportunity. We don’t know when a market crash is going to happen but when that happens, you want to be armed with the right investment knowledge to buy up good businesses which will most likely be traded at huge discounts to their intrinsic value.

I first recommended a course by Value Investing College which I myself took in March 2016 and you can read it here . Since then and coupled with my other self-study, further readings and being in the network of fellow value investors, I have been getting regular monthly incomes from dividends and options premiums, my aim is to make this income stream a significant contributor towards my financial freedom journey.

Value Investing Course WF

Value Investing can be taught and can be learned, so I hope you can invest in yourself as well with a very powerful and useful life skill.

Here at Journey With Money, we will continue to share with our readers useful information like the Stock Investment Framework and the importance of analysing a company’s Economic Moat when picking stocks but if you want to accelerate your learnings, do consider the course that I have recommended.

Contact us or email me at and I would be happy to provide you more information or invite you to some events so you can check out for yourselves the course syllabus.

Value Investing Course

The market may be offering some great discounts soon, but please make sure you know what you are doing.

I would like to share a video by Sean Seah, founder of Value Investing College. He is so good at sharing complex ideas in fun ways and using good analogies that you will find it interesting.

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