The ONE Mobile data card that saves all the costs and hassles while travelling overseas

As value investors, we continue to find efficient ways to utilize our money.

Previously in Journey With Money, we shared how to find travel insurance and exchange money using the most effective methods.

Today, we are going to cover on the problem that most people will face while travelling — mobile data.

As technology advances, we cannot do without wifi and mobile data whenever we go — Including travelling. It allows us to stay in touch with out loves ones, allow us to navigate around using map/GPS, and of course to invest in stock market while on holiday.

We believe that most of you will buy the mobile data SIM card at the country where you travelled to, while a minority will use the roaming package provided by their home country telco providers, I know of another group of travellers who would rent a portable charger while they travel.

Today, Journey With Money is going to share this good deal with our readers: The Starhub Happy Prepaid Card!! We have compared the telcos in Singapore and found this to be the best deal.


The StarHub Happy Prepaid Card. What is it?

Mobile data prepaid card that save all the hassles while travelling

The mobile data prepaid card that save all the hassles while travelling

As understand from the meaning of the word, the SIM card has a pre-stored value, therefore once the value is used up, top up is required. (This works for all prepaid cards in other countries as well)

This prepaid card worth $15 and the card can last for 180 days upon activation. (Of course there are other prices available too, but the $15 SIM card is the most popular plan and we also view it as the most cost efficient plan.)

You can use it as you local handphone line too, and top up when you use up the value.

The SIM card comes with nano, micro and normal SIM, so there is no worries of unavailable to fit into your phone.

For overseas data usages, we need to purchase the “happy roam data” package with the stored prepaid value.


Happy Roam Data Package. How does that work?

Happy Roam Data Package is a separate data package that allows the user to travel and roam with the data rate charged in Singapore by Starhub prepaid service.

Below is a list of the different data plans that they have:

Mobile data plans for travelling overseas with ease

Various mobile data plans for easy overseas travel


Depending on the length of travel and your data usage, you can choose your plans accordingly.

If you could not finish using the data overseas, you could even continue to use it back in Singapore.

This prepaid card is very useful, you could use it in the countries below with their preferred service provider:

The one mobile prepaid card that allows you to travel all around the world

The one mobile prepaid card that allows you to travel all around the world

It is all about flexibility and the ability to stay connect no matter which part of the world you are (even it is just to find the way).

For example, in Japan, the cheapest 4G prepaid data SIM (3Gb) is SGD$38 for 1 month, this StarHub 4G SIM (2.4Gb) is only SGD$15 for 1 month.

Or rather you travel in and out of Malaysia, the StarHub SIM allows you to purchase 3 days worth of data.

What we love best about this prepaid SIM card is the flexibility. Just like the previous post that we have for the travel insurance where you could customise according to your trip.


How to use it for overseas roaming?

The ONE mobile prepaid card that saves all the hassle when you travel

Starhub happy prepaid app saves you from travel hassles

  1. Buy the $15 prepaid SIM card from: Starhub shops/partner stores, 7-eleven/Cheers convenient store, Singapore Post, Changi Airport (StarHub counters/ UOB currency exchange counter), you can also order online and collect at Changi Airport before you fly
  2. Activate your card: Check out or follow the instructions on the card packaging.
  3. Download the Happy Prepaid App: Through Google play or Apple Store
  4. Purchase the data plan before you fly. Everything can be done in the Happy Prepaid App.


The one mobile SIM card that saves the cost and hassle

Settle everything in the happy prepaid app


The Happy Prepaid App is user friendly, you can simply top up your prepaid card, activate happy roam, purchase data while you are overseas with this app. You can also get information of your amount of data left/amount of money left in the card.


One thing to note is that this card has expiry of 180 days, if you do not wish to use the card again, you can let it expires. However, if you wish to use it in the future for travelling again, then we would suggest that you top up to maintain the validity of the card. The reason is that each NRIC can only register for a maximum of 3 StarHub prepaid card, and there is a charge for the 4th prepaid card onwards. (Please check StarHub website for the complete detail)





Comparison with other mode of data

Comparison of best data plan for overseas travel

A comparison of different data plans that you can purchase for your travel



Before we wrote this post, we have already tested the power of the prepaid SIM card for the benefit of everyone. Journey With Money is very glad to interview two investors (Ken Teng and Glen Ho) who travel quite often to share with us their user experience of this mobile data prepaid SIM card.

To emphasize again, Journey with money did not receive any benefit from Starhub for promoting their prepaid card. We purely find it a deal too good not to be missed and would like to share with everyone travelling to help to save some cost.

~This is not a sponsored post~

Lastly, Journey With Money would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a HUAT year ahead! 🙂



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