The Dividend And Income Practitioner

Liong Hai Profile Pic

Liong Hai spent some good two decades in two of Singapore’s largest telecommunications companies. He was being successful in what he was doing, with senior level experiences spanning sales, product management and development, corporate marketing and business development.

With some twist of fate a few years ago, he took stock of some family business, quit his corporate job and started a few businesses of his own. He remains active in the corporate world today, undertaking free-lance consulting jobs for start-up companies.

His present passion is pursuing his journey of generating passive incomes from various sources, e.g. starting an online business (through affiliate marketing), building a portfolio from share equity investment in particular value investing as expounded by Warran Buffet, rental income from property investment etc. He is already averaging 2 to 3% per month from his investments and hopes to garner 5 figure monthly passive income from investments in 2017.

Also a graduate of advanced options course (Options Mastery Programme), Liong Hai combines fundamental analysis and technical analysis, investing in undervalued and fundamentally sound companies with strong moat for growth and dividends while leveraging options strategies for monthly income. He particularly likes investing in Singapore dividend stocks while at the same time using options on US stocks to generate monthly income.

Married with two teenage daughters, Liong Hai has a M Eng from NTU and a MBA from California State University, East Bay. He reads widely, in particular books on investment and business strategies. His circle of competence spans across technology, telecommunications and retail industries.