The CALM Investors

The CALM Investors

This website is the brainchild of four people from diverse backgrounds and with different life experiences, brought together because of a common passion, investing wisely with end-goal of achieving financial and time freedom as early as possible. Collectively they are known as the CALM (Cheng Kok, Angel, Liong Hai and Marcus) investors. They are also all graduates of Value Investing College ( (VIC).

The CALM investors have had varying degrees of success investing in the stock market, primarily in the US and Singapore equities. They strongly believe in the power of investment and making money work harder. Doing this requires acquiring the right knowledge and strategies, learning from mentors who are already successful investors.

There is no shortage of good resources on investment topics and the CALM team strives to collate and share what they know, what they learn from others in their journey with money matters in life. This spirit is motivated by passion in:

  • imparting, educating and equipping others to be better investors
  • enjoying life with buildup of passive income streams over time and less reliance on active income

Angel also has particular interest in increasing awareness for women to be financially literate and be financially independent.

The contents of the discussion here will centre around three broad themes: stock investment, financial protection and women empowerment. Working with investment institutions and friends from the investment community, we will also be organising events as part of the sharing journey, so please look out for these wonderful events.


More About the CALM Team

Cheng Kok

Cheng Kok

The Financial Planner

Cheng Kok is a financial planner. Besides that, he is a trainer and core researcher at Value Investing College. He specializes in helping professionals design a tailor made insurance portfolio and invest confidently in the stock market so that they can achieve financial freedom.

Cheng Kok is also the immediate past President of AIA Toastmasters Club, one of the top clubs worldwide. There, he led a team of dedicated members to coach managers and consultants to become confident presenters, expert communicators and skillful influencers. He is also an award winning speaker in toastmasters.

Other than delivering speeches, he has been on 93.8FM and is a co-author of the book Secrets of Value Investing. Trained under the Buffett Family and Singapore Buffetologist Seah Seah.

Cheng Kok graduated in B(SC) Hons Mathematics and Economics from NTU in 2013. Click here to find out more.




Angel with Mary Buffett

The Good Deal Researcher

Angel is a biomedical researcher, graduated in 2015 with a Masters degree in Science (specialising in Public Health researches) from National University of Singapore. She is a core investment researcher at Value Investing College and a VIC trainer with Chinese as the medium of instruction. VIC is a programme endorsed by Mary Buffett and is receiving her continuous support.

Angel is proficient in research and hence transfers this skill to enhance her investment returns. She has been helping people around her to achieve financial freedom together with her. She has been featured on The Newpaper in the article entitled “Break up was Wake-up Call” in December 2016. She shared about her stories that led her to have strong belief in women empowerment. Also, having similar beliefs with Mary Buffett (who enlightened her to help more women), she gladly shared her experiences in the hope to help women around her to be financially independent.

Having attended advanced options course (Options Mastery Programme) in December 2015, Angel has invested in multiple investment vehicle to diversify her risks: US stock market (US fundamentally strong companies, China ETF, Emerging market ETF), Singapore stock market (for dividend generating stocks), and US property development. To Angel, the best investment that she has given herself is financial literacy.


Liong Hai Profile Pic

Liong Hai

The Dividend And Income Practitioner

Liong Hai spent some good two decades in two of Singapore’s largest telecommunications companies. He was being successful in what he was doing, with senior level experiences spanning sales, product management and development, corporate marketing and business development.

With some twist of fate a few years ago, he took stock of some family business, quit his corporate job and started a few businesses of his own. He remains active in the corporate world today, undertaking free-lance consulting jobs for start-up companies. Liong Hai is Director of a Digital Marketing Services company Anspire Consulting (

His present passion is pursuing his journey of generating passive incomes from various sources, e.g. starting an online business (through affiliate marketing), building a portfolio from share equity investment in particular value investing as expounded by Warran Buffet, rental income from property investment etc. He is already averaging 2 to 3% per month from his investments and hopes to garner 5 figure monthly passive income from investments in 2017.

Also a graduate of advanced options course (Options Mastery Programme), Liong Hai combines fundamental analysis and technical analysis, investing in undervalued and fundamentally sound companies with strong moat for growth and dividends while leveraging options strategies for monthly income. He particularly likes investing in Singapore dividend stocks while at the same time using options on US stocks to generate monthly income.

Married with two teenage daughters, Liong Hai has a M Eng from NTU and a MBA from California State University, East Bay. He reads widely, in particular books on investment and business strategies. His circle of competence spans across technology, telecommunications and retail industries.



Marcus with Mary Buffett

The Patient Investor

Marcus graduated from NTU with a Business Degree in 2005. Professionally, Marcus has more than 10 years of working experience in the finance industry. Currently, he is a Senior Corporate and Institutional Equity Sales Dealer. Prior to this, he was a Dealing Manager leading a team of equity dealers serving a retail client base of 8,000 trading accounts, giving stock market commentaries multiple times on 938 Live and frequently conducts educational seminars on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to the public. He has also been invited to speak at NUS, NTU and SIM on several occasions.

In May 2015, he was selected to join the Value Investing College Superstar Programme in US. After completing the 1-week training, he was certified by Mary Buffett herself.

Marcus is a strong believer in continuous learning and always reading up voraciously from investment books, blogs and any sources he can find to make himself a better investor. To him, the best investment is to invest in oneself.