Stock Investment Courses

If you have been following our blog, then you would appreciate the importance of investing your money and making your money work hard for you. The wonder of compound interest on your capital growth over a long period of time is the sure way to help you achieve financial freedom quicker.

At Journey With Money, we focus on stocks as the asset class of investment and we share our experiences and knowledge on our stock investment (Singapore and US stocks) journey. For our stock investment methodology, we are guided by Warren Buffett’s Value Investing principles.

The Journey With Money team already have varying degrees of success with our investments and we attribute much of our successes to great courses we have attended, financially successful mentors who have generously taught us the keys to success as well as the network and community of investors we have built to share our insights with one another.

Investment can be learned and you can first invest in yourselves on quality investment courses. We strongly believe the following courses will equip you well in your investment journey, description of each course is given so you can determine which suits you as you progress through.

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Cashflow Mastery Program

  • We recommend this value investing course developed by the trainers at Journeywithmoney. Whether you are a beginner or you have some experience investing in the stock market, the course will surely equip you well with the proven stock investment formula and framework to successfully profit from a long-term investment mindset.

Options Mastery Programme (OMP)

  • Options is a very powerful tool to complement value investing and stock investment and Warren Buffett also uses options to a large extent. If you are a more advanced stock investor (although this does not need to be a pre-requisite), you can learn from the good people from OMP team, using only options strategies they themselves use to successfully generate regular monthly passive income. A unique L.R.O.S. invented by the master trainer is also taught.