Simple steps to Hack your AIA Vitality 2 vouchers

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AIA Vitality has been changing the minimum target to hit in order to get the 2 vouchers per week. As of 19 Jan 2019, each participant has to have: 7 friends hitting target together, 5 independent days of 10k steps per day, and now… Gold Status!!! How to hack the system to get gold status in AIA vitality?! The video below provides a step by step guide to this. I uploaded my basic health screening report and did some quizzes to increase my status to gold. By doing so, I get my 2 vouchers per week again!

If you have been following us, you would know that we did another post on AIA Vitality previous. But as it gets harder to hit the weekly target and get the 2 vouchers, we have decided to hack the system for you!

Hope this helps!




CALM team

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