Save Some Money on Your Mobile Data with TPG

As Value Investors, we constantly sourcing for good deals to save money or grow money.

This time, we have found a good deal that help us save money on our mobile data!

The mobile line that we are sharing today is TPG!

TPG is an Australian telco company that set up their line in Singapore! In the year of 2019, they are testing out their networks in Singapore, therefore they are giving it free to residents in Singapore to use their lines freely!


TPG Perks:

  1. Free to use – you just need to register through their website
  2. Almost unlimited data usage! – Daily maximum of 2Gb of data
  3. Free calls to other TPG lines
  4. Free ROAMING to Malaysia and Indonesia
  5. Up to 4 numbers each person can apply


Downside of TPG:

  1. No reception underground/in tunnel
  2. Cannot receive call/call out from/to non TPG numbers
  3. iPhone is not supported for free calls


Angel has done a video to share about TPG and her user experience where you can find out below!

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Journey with Money Team

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