There is a free access, especially useful if say you want to know what the investment gurus like Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Ken Fisher, Prem Watsa are buying and provides you a good stock screening tool for you to build your shopping list.


Jitta is a “Value Investing” platform that simplifies financial analysis for individual investors and financial advisors. There is a free version which works well enough to provide a quick assessment of stocks and the Jitta score is a quick indication if a stock is worth further exploring at that current moment.


A free website which provides financial data on stocks such as P&L, cash flow and balance sheet data, including key ratios like ROE, Debt to Equity etc.


TradingView is useful when you want to do Technical Analysis, it is a free charting platform with live quotes. You can create a free account and the charts you draw are stored away on the cloud, very convenient when you access your charts again from any device.