time to buy starhub
I have written a few articles on investing in StarHub, the latest one being StarHub Share Price. StarHub just announced its plans to retrench 300 employees (or 12% of its workforce), as a strategic transformation effort to compete better in an increasingly competitive environment. With this cost cutting effort which […]

Time To Buy StarHub?

Blue Chip Investment
Blue chip investment is one of the favorite catch phrases for investors in their journey with money today. Ask anyone that just started investing and they might say they started to look at blue chip investment. You can also evaluate blue chip companies using value investing. Why is it called Blue Chip? […]

Blue Chip Investment

GST Voucher. Financial Planning Singapore
As value investors, we totally understand what does it mean by “Crazy Poor Asian” as pointed out by Nas Daily! Below is a video done by Nas Daily with regards to Singapore. Comparing to the “Crazy Rich Asian” movie, we actually feel more related to the above video. Most of […]

Crazy Rich Asian vs Crazy Poor Asian!

reits course
New cooling measures and the effect of the hungry ghost month sent new private home sales down 64% in August. Well, if you love property investment, there is actually another alternative investment asset class Real Estate Investment Trust and you even get to choose the property type other than residential, […]

REITs Course

Journeywithmoney_how to save while grocery shopping
As value investors, we constantly find good value deals around Singapore for our daily needs. In this post, we are going to share on 5 simple steps on how to save on grocery shopping! We love hacks! Especially hacks that help us save money. Today we are going to share […]

5 Simple steps to save on your Grocery Shopping

Save Money As a Student
Saving money as a student has been an age old topic for our journey with money. Most of us been through the days where we save what little we have and make do with our allowance. It would have been difficult to do any form of investing without any saving. Most […]

3 Life Hack for Saving Money as a Student

Bhutan Travel Tips - Money Myths of Bhutan Crossing
Today, we will be talking about the Bhutan travel tips, the money myths of Bhutan. If you were thinking about Bhutan, some of these questions might pop into your mind. “Isn’t going to Bhutan Expensive?” “Applying for a VISA is expensive because Bhutan limits the number of visitors” “I heard […]

Bhutan Travel Tips – Money Myths of Bhutan

Journeywithmoney_save money while shopping at NTUC
As value investors, we consistently look out for ways to save money. In this post, we are going to share on how to save money while shopping at NTUC supermarkets. Buying grocery is a must for most of the families, but how can we reduce our cost while shopping in […]

3 Simple Steps to SAVE MONEY while shopping at NTUC

Liong Hai
Would you like to learn digital marketing skills which is highly sought after in Singapore? It has been more than two years since the launch of Journey With Money, and we have been mostly educating the public primarily on stock investment through our own outreach program and stock investment courses and […]

Digital Marketing Course | Launch Offer

In your journey with money as a parent, you will probably need to budget your child’s education, leisure and basic necessities’ expenses. Being a value investor as well as a dad to my 2-year old daughter, I am always on the constant lookout to find ‘value deals’ for my daughter. […]

Value-investing Parenting Part 1: Having fun don’t have to be ...