Are Singapore's telcos still good dividend stocks
The telcos in Singapore namely SingTel, M1 and StarHub were fairly good dividend stocks for many years but are they still good dividend stocks? I wrote about StarHub in a few articles and cautioned to closely monitor whether the dividend pay-outs were sustainable before any investment was made. M1 has […]

Are Singapore’s Telco Stocks Still Good Dividend Stocks?

Why I Think You Should Buy Sketchers Rather Than Nike
No no no, I don’t mean buying the physical shoes but the stocks of the two companies. Let’s take a look at the comparison in terms of numbers: (Numbers may be adjusted as averages) Nike is obviously a much bigger company in terms of market capitalization. To a large extent, […]

Why I Think You Should Buy Sketchers Rather Than Nike

alibaba share price
The US-China trade row continues with no end in sight. Many stocks have been beaten down because of the uncertainty. Alibaba share price also nose-dived from a recent high of $195 on 3 May 2019 to close at $152 yesterday; that’s a 22% plunge in less than one month! This […]

Alibaba Share Price

Opportunity To Buy Apple Agai
US President Donald Trump did it again with threats to escalate the US-China trade row, causing stock markets around the world to tumble. There are probably a number of ways to make money from such a volatile and uncertain situation using technical analysis and options strategies as trade negotiations continue […]

Opportunity To Buy Apple At A Discount Again?

How did I watched Captain Marvel for free?
I have always been a fan of Marvel movies since the very first day Marvel Studios started their 1st movie, Iron Man back in 2008. As I am writing this post, Marvel Studios is still smashing box-office records worldwide with their latest movie, Captain Marvel and I am sure many of […]

How I watched the movie Captain Marvel for free?

Mindset of a successful investor
As value investor, we aspire to educate people around us with the mindset to invest like a successful investor! Therefore we have launched our online e-learning series and in this post, we are sharing our first module with all of you! In this module, we explore on investor psychology.   […]

Mindset of a successful investor – Investor Psychology

As value investors, we love to find good deals and share with people who care about their money. AIA Vitality has been changing the minimum target to hit in order to get the 2 vouchers per week. As of 19 Jan 2019, each participant has to have: 7 friends hitting […]

Simple steps to Hack your AIA Vitality 2 vouchers

What Should You Do In This Volatile Market
As you know, the stock markets have been most volatile in recent weeks and days. US and China called for a truce on their trade war and the market is up a few percentage points; Donald Trump tweeted that he is a Tariff Man and the market is down a […]

What Should You Do In This Volatile Market?

is apple a buy
Apple’s share price dropped from a recent high of $230 to $207 after they released their Q4 financial results. Why was this so and should you be tapping on the dip in price to buy up this wonderful business? Let’s establish first that this is a great company with tremendous […]

Is Apple A Buy?

stock market correction and what you should do
The major US indexes have fallen into correction territory (10% from recent high) as of yesterday’s trading session. STI is even reaching bear territory (20% drop from recent high). This is the second time this year that a correction happens in US. And to put things in perspective, this correction […]

Stock Market Correction And What You Should Do