passive income from dividend stocks
I love dividend stocks as they provide a regular stream of passive income. One would however argue that if a company has solid management which is capable of providing great financial returns to shareholders that capital from earnings be recycled back to the company for more investment, and potentially providing […]

Passive Income From Dividend Stocks

property investment in singapore
Warning: I am not a property Guru, I just get amused by how people do so-called property investment in Singapore.  The recent events (Propnex IPO, MAS warning about euphoria in the property market and the announcement of further property cooling measures) can’t be better summarized by Property Soul. I was […]

Property Investment In Singapore – Musings From A Non Guru

Journey with money_how to save money on wedding preparation
As value investors, we continue to find good deals and tips on how to save money on events. Previously, we mentioned about estimation of how much red packet to pack for wedding banquet. In this post, we are going to share 3 tips on how to save money on Wedding […]

3 Simple Steps on how to SAVE on Wedding Preparation

In our journey with money, we would have heard of an saving/endowment plan that insurance companies are offering. While we are also aware that insurance companies do not have the best of reputation. Does the saving plan really give 3% to 5% returns on your policies? Let’s start of with […]

Does Insurance Saving Plans (Endowment) give 3 to 5% returns?

Journey with money_How to make money through social media
As value investors, we continue to find good deals to grow our money. We believe in earning money through diversified methods, therefore we always look out for new ways to earn money. Recently, a few of the bloggers from Journey With Money went to attend a course where we learnt […]

How to Earn Money through Social Media

A couple of days ago, Obike announced that they will be ceasing operations from Singapore. Many Singaporeans were shocked. They were not particularly concerned about the company. They were more concern about the deposit of $49 that they left in that App. What a shock to their journey with money!!!! […]

Obike Deposit Refund Issue. Good Bye $49.

How to own a profitable business without quitting job
As value investors, we continue to find ways to grow our money. We want our money to work for us even when we are working for money. But how? There are many ways people find alternative income source, it could be from: Getting an extra job, full time/part time (easiest; you […]

How to own a profitable business without quitting your day ...

make money from blogging
Following my last article How To Start An Online Business (please read that first to continue reading this article), today I will use the example of a wedding photography niche to show you how you can get an online business started and develop an additional source of income. Again, I am […]

Make Money From Blogging

how to start an online business
Following my last article Passive Income Ideas, I now openly share with you how you can explore starting an online business to build a source of passive income. There are many searches on Google every month for the keyword “Make Money Online”. There are also many scams out there that […]

How To Start An Online Business

value investing
We have defined Value Investing as buying stocks as if buying a business and stocks are purchased when they trade less than their intrinsic value. Investopedia’s definition of Value Investing is: Value investing is an investment strategy where stocks are selected that trade for less than their intrinsic values. Value investors actively […]

Value Investing