The ONE mobile prepaid card that saves all the hassle when you travel
As value investors, we continue to find efficient ways to utilize our money. Previously in Journey With Money, we shared how to find travel insurance and exchange money using the most effective methods. Today, we are going to cover on the problem that most people will face while travelling — […]

The ONE Mobile data card that saves all the costs ...

Market Crash in 2018
Year 2017 In Review Did you have a good investment return for the year 2017? It has been a good year for me, and my definition of good is based on my own investment objective, which is consistent monthly cashflow and capital growth for the stocks I hold for the longer […]

Market Crash In 2018?

Money Management
Holiday session is here around the corner! Hurray! Excited about your next trip to Japan, you bring your hard earned money from value investing or work to the money changer and you…. paused and stopped…. A bunch of numbers stared at you and you wonder whether this money changer is […]

How to change money at the money changer?

Trust me. Everyone wants to look good. Just look at your wardrobe (wink wink girls) and look at all those clothes that you have. The thing that is stopping us from buying more isn’t money but because there isn’t space for another wardrobe. This post is dedicated to those who […]

How Can I Create a Work-Friendly Wardrobe on a Budget?

Best Saving Account
As value investors, we like to have a simple and easy way to get most value out of our money. Today, we will be won’t be touching on value investing. We will be touching on something that most of us already have. That is your bank account. Warning: Promotion come […]

Best Saving Account for Simple Savers

value investing_simple step to compare travel insurance
As value investor, we are constantly looking out for good deal in different aspects. Previously in our travel post, we have our partner to share about how to find cheap accommodation while travelling. Today we are sharing with you the most efficient method of buying your travel insurance before you go […]

1 simple and efficient method to travel at ease (travel ...

Financial Planning
In journey with money, we want to help people to retire with confidence through stock investing and also financial planning. Today, we want to talk about getting cashback using your cards. There have been plenty of talks on the best credit card for cashback ever since cashback became popular. Recently, […]

Best Cashback Card 2017

New. Sleek. Buutttttt expensive. Coming 3rd November, the Iphone X will be launched in Singapore shores and it will come with a hefty price tag of $1648 for an entry level 64GB phone. In our journey with money, we advocate stock investment especially value investing accompanied with proper financial planning. With a $1648 price […]

IPhone X: what you are really paying for

In your journey with money, I believe some of us would have received calls from long lost friends who have a business proposal that he/she would like to share. When I was 19, I got my first call and found myself in an old and shady commercial building in Taisheng. To my […]

Is MLM (multi level marketing) a scam?

Financial Planning Singapore
There are many hacks in life ranging from psychological hacks to manage money to using baking soda to unclog your kitchen sink. One particular aspect in life that we taken for granted is money or financial planning. Have you ever wondered where your money magically disappeared to at the end of […]

Psychological Hacks to Manage Money