value investing
We have defined Value Investing as buying stocks as if buying a business and stocks are purchased when they trade less than their intrinsic value. Investopedia’s definition of Value Investing is: Value investing is an investment strategy where stocks are selected that trade for less than their intrinsic values. Value investors actively […]

Value Investing

starhub share price 1
StarHub share price reached new lows these few days (day low of $1.91 on 31 May 2018) and it has aroused my interest to see if there has been a market over-reaction to the various bad news that are hitting hard not just on StarHub but the other two telcos […]

StarHub Share Price

Financial Planning Singapore
In the Mario game, we have 3 lives to play. In our journeywithmoney, we also have 3 Lives for financial planning. The CPF Life, Medishield Life and now the Careshield Life. CPF Life is for retirement. Medishield Life is for medical expenses. Careshield Life is for old age disability. Today, we […]

Careshield Life To Replace Eldershield?

Passive Income Ideas
Many people desire passive income versus active income which one has to trade his time and efforts for. The idea is that passive income if greater than one’s expenses leads to financial freedom. While not an academic exercise, let’s look at how passive income is defined in Wikipedia: Passive income […]

Passive Income Ideas

If you love to invest in the stock market for regular incomes, for example in the form of dividend payouts, you would love Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as well. That way you can partake in the potential long term appreciation of properties in Singapore without forking out huge capital […]

Real Estate Investment Trust

Financial planning singapore
In our journeywithmoney, we all want to retire early. Some of us turn to value investing while others might do options investing. Whichever it is, we first have to save money to invest and retire. Today, we will sharing 20 great ways to save money. 1) Transfer your money automatically another […]

20 Great Ways to Save Money

Children Financial Literacy
Journeywithmoney has been touching on adults’ financial planning and also various ways of value investing in the previous year. In a recent article on Childhood Education related to Inequality, we realised the impact we can bring to adults if we talk about financial literacy at an early age. While the article […]

Is Childhood Education Important?

Financial planning singapore
Investing using the untouchable CPF has always been a topic in our journey with money. Previously, we have spoken on how to maximize your CPF (read here for some background). From 5th March 2018, there are several highlights made in the way we can invest using our CPF. The Committee of Supply has […]

Investing Using Your CPF: 3 Things On Latest Investment Scheme

Shares North American Tech-Software ETF (IGV US)
For this post, I would like to share an investment idea. Please note that this post is solely my own personal opinion and I wrote it for educational purpose and I am by no means recommending this ETF. Do do your own due diligence and consult your own personal financial […]

Investment Idea – iShares North American Tech-Software ETF (IGV US)

Financial Planning Singapore
The reason why we start on our journey with money is so that we can afford what we want and retire early. There are many ways to retire early. For example, you can always turn your daily cuppa into retirement fund or study using stock options to generate monthly income. Otherwise, we […]

5 things you need to know about CPF Life Standard ...