Options Mastery Programme

Our Qualified Options Mastery Programme (QOMP) combines a number of teachings: fundamental analysis, technical analysis and the use of simple proven Option strategies to generate regular monthly income.

If you are new to options, options is a type of derivative security and is intrinsically linked to the price of something else, like an options to purchase for properties. We focus on options on stocks as traded on the stock markets. There are only 2 types of options, Call and Put options.

The right to buy (stocks) is called a call option and the right to sell (stocks) is a put option. You can be seller and buyer of Call and Put options. Buyers pay the premium and sellers collect the premium.

Our options course is taught as part of our Cashflow Mastery Program on day 2. The Stock Investment Framework we use is as follows:

cashflow mastery program

We strongly believe that Options strategies should only be executed on wonderful companies with strong fundamentals.

Please contact us or email journeywithmoney@gmail.com for more information about our Qualified Options Mastery Programme.