Options Mastery Programme

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Options Mastery Programme

The Options Mastery Programme (OMP) combines a number of teachings: fundamental analysis, technical analysis and the use of 3 proven Option strategies to generate regular monthly income.

If you are new to options, options is a type of derivative security and is intrinsically linked to the price of something else, like an options to purchase for properties. At OMP,  the focus is on options on stocks as traded on the stock markets. There are only 2 types of options, Call and Put options.

The right to buy (stocks) is called a call option and the right to sell (stocks) is a put option. You can be seller and buyer of Call and Put options. Buyers pay the premium and sellers collect the premium.

One option strategy taught is the 4-Step L.R.O.S. (Linear Regression Option Strategy) Cashflow formula. It is a very unique strategy that you can use in the Stock Market & you’ll be surprised that you’ll be able to see results in 30 days or less. Many graduate students of OMP have greatly benefited.

The 4-Step L.R.O.S Cashflow Formula

  • You want to know how to grow another source of monthly income that pays for all your monthly expenses instead of only relying on 1 source of income (requires only about 20 to 30mins per month)
  • You want to invest and achieve PREDICTABLE RETURNS in the Stock Market SAFELY…. you’ll learn how to reduce your risk by 70%!
  • You want to completely change your financial future in 2 to 3 years time so you have no stress over money and know how to retire free (you no longer work for money BUT money works for you…)

The Master Trainer

Options Mastery Programme Ken

The master trainer Mr Ken Teng is sharing this formula in person. He was featured on Christmas day Sunday Times and you can read about it here.

Ken wanted a strategy to generate a replacement income to give him the time freedom to accomplish his dreams. It was then that Ken took massive action by investing in his own knowledge. Like others, he learnt from many who have succeeded before him and spent countless hours of research to hone his skills.

Today he has found a niche in the stock market by amassing a respectable 6 figure annual income. His methodology is grounded in the wisdom of fundamental investing combined with proven, practical investing strategies that works! He is also the creator of the one and only L.R.O.S. strategy which has accelerated and multiplied his income.

Ken believes in abundance. With a wealth of knowledge and passion for sharing, he has personally trained and opened up minds of many successful investors to achieve average returns of more than 25%.

Ken is a highly sought after and acclaimed speaker. He and his team contributes regularly to a local training institute and is often featured in the popular news media such as the New Paper.

You can also get to know him more at his blog.

You can read a comprehensive course review here and also an article on using stock options to generate monthly income.

Preview workshops are organized to provide you with more information about the course and let you assess if the course is suitable for you.

Please contact us or email journeywithmoney@gmail.com for more information.  We can direct you to the L.R.O.S. free workshops or even meet up with you to share our personal successes using the OMP strategies. Also, Journey With Money is able to get you some course discounts being an affiliate marketer of Options Mastery Program.