Make money when you eat or Grab

I assure you this isn’t another article about how to create passive income while you sleep.

Today, I would like to share with you a discovery. In Singapore, most of us spend most of our money on food and on transportation. While it is rather affordable to eat and take a cab in Singapore, I have discovered a way to get cashback on those spending that you are already making on a daily basis.

Financial Planning Singapore

“Where is the latest lobang!”

Quoting from Dollar and Sense and personal experience, a typical household spends $1188 on food every month and $811 on transportation every month. Personally, I spend $400 on food and $120 on transportation every month (Financial Excel Cheat Sheet). With this money being a must spend anyway, what if…




Here’s how. Download the free app, ShopBack on your phone. If you don’t have an account yet, click below.

Financial Planning Singapore

Rebates from eating

You mean you won’t be eating? We talked before about using how to save up to 50% when dining with eatigo. With Eatigo, you can book a restaurant that is listed in the app. Make a reservation. Get a discount of up to 50%. Enjoy your meal. You will always have date ideas. You will always have discount and of course, you will on the right track for saving money.

To put it one step further, how about getting rebates from eating using Eatigo? Now your meal is already up to 50%, how about getting cash rebates too? Guess what, enjoy $2 Cashback on top of discounted meals when you make restaurant reservations at Eatigo via ShopBack!

Rebates from Grabbing

Aside from AIA Vitality where you get $5 uber vouchers, those that prefer to use Grab will definitely benefit from this.  Enjoy Cashback on GrabCar Rides daily via the ShopBack Mobile App. Next time you book a ride just click through their app. They will pay you each time you ride.

All rebates are taken from shopback website and are accurate at the point of writing, T&C applies.

Signing up for the account is free, so why not? Every single drop of saving will make an ocean.

Financial Planning Singapore

“Click on me now!”

In Journey with money, we want to empower individuals to retire early and avoid financial pitfalls such as this. Such a financial pitfall will delay retirement by at least a decade if not forever. If you already have a financial plan or a financial planner, that’s fantastic. You should be proud that you have taken the first step. However, there are many still unaware of this. We will like to offer our readers (even if you have a plan already or not) a free review by our in-house Financial Planner. He will cater a uniquely designed portfolio for your specific needs and your journey with money.

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