Make Money From Blogging

make money from blogging

Following my last article How To Start An Online Business (please read that first to continue reading this article), today I will use the example of a wedding photography niche to show you how you can get an online business started and develop an additional source of income. Again, I am leaving out some details so that the gist is clear.

The steps are going to be:

Niche (wedding photography) => Market Research => Web Presence => Marketing => Automate

Assume you are an avid photographer and your skills are fairly good that you can actually provide professional photo-shoot for the occasions of wedding, events and family portrait etc.

You still have a day job and intend to keep it but you are absolutely passionate about photography and you have invested into the latest equipment and gears, you hope to really nurture a business out of this passion.

One way is to set up a blogging website with the primary niche of wedding photography. You can carry out your market research and find out who your audience may be, what services they are looking for, the decision making criteria and so on. The next thing is to set up the web presence and build the contents. In this situation, you will have a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram account as your main web presence.

For a moment, we will say you already have the skills setting up the website and all. For the marketing approach, you will always build the key content on your website and share across your Facebook page and Instagram account. You do not intend to employ paid ads like Google Adwords or Facebook ads. Instead, you would rely on search engine optimzation (SEO) to drive traffic and get leads.

SEO is a more specialized skill and you need to pick up that skill. I have a separate article on SEO for Wedding Photographers which you can skim through and don’t worry too much about the technicality. This drives traffic to your website according to content you build optimizing certain keywords such that you have page 1 ranking when people google certain search terms like for example wedding photography singapore. You would then have taken care of the marketing approach.

Lastly, you would probably like to build up a mailing list. You can write an e-book on Photography For Beginners. For the visitors to the website, you can give away the e-book as they opt in your mailing list. You can then automate some kind of sales funnel depending on the campaigns you are thinking of running. You can also keep the mailing list updated about new blog posts.

In this example of an online business, these are some ways you can monetize your website, some of which may have to come later:

  • sales leads engaging your photo-shoot services
  • advertising revenue through Google Adsense 
  • affiliate marketing income on camera equipments, photography courses
  • selling your own photography courses, classroom style or online

Affiliate marketing which I will explain in future articles refers to pushing sales leads to other vendors, say camera manufacturers. In this instance, it could be Amazon store. You can write reviews about certain camera models and why you recommend them, you will have affiliate links and when your readers click on the links and make purchases, you get the affiliate commissions.

I hope you can see that from a passion, you can actually develop it into a very viable online business and nurture it into an additional source of income.

Stay tuned as I share more information on online businesses and how you can start learning internet marketing and making money too.

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