Journey With Money

Journey With Money

In this post, I would like to share my own Journey With Money. I will be linking to many other articles, but you should enjoy reading through the article and then visiting links to articles of interest to you later.

Earnings Power

I have had a successful career, having spent almost twenty years in two of Singapore’s largest telco companies. Along the way, I have saved money from my earnings and I have taken several investment decisions:

  • investment properties with rental income
  • bought into primarily blue chip stocks, made money most of the time but lost some money somewhere
  • started my businesses
  • bought a few insurance as well as investment policies
  • bought some education policies for my daughters
  • kept cash in fixed deposits

So I am definitely fortunate to have an upbringing that has instilled in me to be thrifty and not to spend beyond my means and to save as I earn, a very crucial step towards financial freedom.

You may say earnings power play a huge part in terms of journey towards financial independence. I can tell you savings is actually more important. I know of high-earning people with big cars, donning branded stuff and they literally spend every single cent they earn.

I even carefully budgeted with an objective of how much I wanted to save every year which really helped a great deal when my wife and I acquired our house we are currently staying, which has probably appreciated more than 2.5 times in value.

My wife and I are still actively working, though I am devoting much efforts learning and building other sources of passive income nowadays. I am very happy to have discovered Value Investing and Advanced Options Strategies which have greatly sharpened my investment knowhow.

Financial Education

Financial Education

It is important to learn about investing. Over the years, because of my own interests and desire to be a better investor, I have been scouring through books on investments. There are many ways to learn new things, go to a classroom, read a book, watch a video, have a one-to-one coach etc. Reading books certainly is one way towards picking up investment skill-sets and I have actually accumulated much knowledge that way. I find that learning from the successful practitioners with proven frameworks is a great way.

There is no secret to achieving financial freedom, there is only a process. And that process is earn => save => invest. In my article on compound interest, you can see that your capital grows to a different amount over time depending on the actual rate of return you are able to achieve.

It is thus imperative that as much as possible, you maximize your investment return. But even Warren Buffett makes wrong investment decisions, you may say. Nevertheless, you can learn to make good investment decisions in the stock market and be right most of the time. Even simply investing in market index fund is going to vastly increase your returns over the long run.

I have two school-going teenage daughters. They don’t learn much about financial education in school. I really think this is regrettable and that’s why as much as possible, I impart to them what I know.

Why Invest In The Stock Market?

You can see that I have actually done investments other than investing into the stock market. We can discuss the pros and cons of investing into different asset classes but I like investing into the stock market because of the following simple reasons:

  • relatively liquid when you need to turn your stocks into cash
  • you can effectively invest into other asset classes like property through say property counters or REITs
  • you can quite easily diversify your portfolio
  • you can start with a relatively small capital

The long-term average annual compounded return of U.S. large-cap stocks is about 10% before inflation (WSJ). That’s very decent over a long term.

And it is possible to do better than 10% per annum as well.

Never Too Young To Start

Never Too Young

I have been sharing my investment journey with friends and relatives ever since I am armed with the stock investment framework coupled with some wonderful stock options strategies. The passion is built upon the motivation to share with others investment knowledge.

Through my encounters, different people I meet have varying degrees of foundation with regards to financial knowledge. Many appreciate that money should work harder for them instead of collecting meagre interest returns in the banks. But many have lots of fear especially when they are very new to the Stock Market.

And these feelings are okay. What I hope to do is to provide as much information as possible and point them to the right direction. I have probably taken similar routes before during my journey with money, and the happiness is mine if I can help others take a smoother ride.

I probably only opened my stock trading account when I was thirty years old. And even then, I can’t say I knew the right way to invest.

Which is really my next point. I envy my younger blogger friends of Journey With Money as they are exposed to all the knowledge, investment community and the successful investors at a younger age. I only hope I started this earlier.

It is never too young to start investing, so either take action yourselves NOW or help your children, your younger siblings etc to embark on this journey.

It Is A Journey

While I have hoped I have started my investing journey much earlier, we at Journey With Money all think we must enjoy the journey towards whatever destination we are heading towards. So, do set a goal say at what age you want to achieve financial freedom, but allow some flexibility for life’s unexpected circumstances.

I love investing into dividend stocks for the Singapore market as a personal preference, and valuation for dividend counters can be relatively easier too. I also use Options for the US stock market to generate regular income. Together, these two generate a regular monthly (quarterly or half-yearly for dividends) income for me now.

Life is a Journey

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