IPhone X: what you are really paying for


New. Sleek. Buutttttt expensive.

Coming 3rd November, the Iphone X will be launched in Singapore shores and it will come with a hefty price tag of $1648 for an entry level 64GB phone. In our journey with money, we advocate stock investment especially value investing accompanied with proper financial planning. With a $1648 price tag on an Iphone, will it be worth it? What exactly will you be paying for?


The Geeky Story

The Iphone X comes in 2 colours (Space Grey and Sliver) with a capacity of either 64GB or 256GB. It features a Super Retina HD display with a 5.8-inch (diagonal) all-screen OLED Multi-Touch display. With a HDR display and 2436×1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi. All these packed in a neat 174grams square.

The camera is a Dual-camera (12-megapixel, F2.4 aperture) with a Sapphire crystal lens cover equipped with Optical image stabilization and autofocus and back-illuminated sensor (BSI). The front camera is 7 megapixels that features High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)

It runs on a Apple A11 Bionic chip, Hexa-core, 64-bit, 10 nm with a system memory of 3GB.

More specs can be found here.

For the commoners like me, it means that the specs are decent. You will have a fast phone with a nice camera.


The Cool Story


Face recognition! Sound to me that Apple is putting their bets on this new function. While we are still unsure whether there are bugs to this technology, it certain sounds fun.

Wireless charging! This is a game changer! While this technology has been around for a while, Apple is the one that makes it more well known. There have been tons of Androids phone that is compatible with wireless charging but it is still relatively unheard of until (you guessed it) Iphone X.

Stereo Speakers! It has speakers on the top of the phone and the bottom of the phone so that you can enjoy your video greater than before.


The Real Life Story


Back in my university days, the Iphone was really expensive (it still is now). I remember I have a friend who recently bought the Iphone 4 and was casually surfing the net. Boy oh boy was he treated like a mini celebrity. Everyone who pass him by would casually ask whether they could feel the phone. They asked whether the camera was good, how much he paid and whether they should get one too. That pattern carried on for over a semester until almost every student around had an Iphone. I sure seeing him get treated like a Korean star made him appreciated the Iphone even more. On some level, everyone wanted to be cool.


The conclusion

The updated specs and new features makes the Iphone a fun tool to play with (at least until the next Iphone comes out). However, I feel that we are paying for the desire to feel accepted and that it is a cool thing to have. There are phones whose specs are better and also cheaper than the Iphone X. Yet, we will would gladly park our money with Apple. Kudos to Apple for creating huge global fan base for their phone. Some may argue that the Apple phone is the best. Whatever it is, spend it on a phone that you will like.

On a side note, this is part of the reason you can consider investing in a company like Apple. Enjoy your journey with money.

Bonus: Special Video on Iphone X

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