How to own a profitable business without quitting your day job?

As value investors, we continue to find ways to grow our money.

We want our money to work for us even when we are working for money. But how?

There are many ways people find alternative income source, it could be from:

  1. Getting an extra job, full time/part time (easiest; you exchange more time for more money: Employed)
  2. Getting an assignment-based job (slightly harder; your time is more flexible as you can decide when to work: Self-employed)
  3. Setting up a business (even harder; you need to have the relevant knowledge to set up a business and not all business work well, but once it’s up and running, you can let the business work for you: Business owner)
  4. Be an investor (hardest; you need to have the specific knowledge to your investment, and sometimes investment will lose money. However, it is a consistent method to financial freedom if you are discipline about it: Investor)

The above examples are description of Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant below:

make your money work for you

While we are working for our money (being employed or self-employed), we can own a business or invest our money.

To own a business, there are a lot of work that need to be done, and to some it may sound like a total risk to venture into businesses. However, that may be just a myth until you are exposed to a business.

Recently, Journey With Money’s members went to attend a business course and realised how easy it is to OWN A BUSINESS WITHOUT QUITTING OUR JOBS!

How it works?

I do not have the skill and time to set up a business, but I have some money that can be used to set up a business. So… Leverage on other people’s skill and time for that!

After joining Fast Track Business, we own our first business! Thai Boat Noodle shop! (That’s the IN thing right now!) Below are some pictures of what we have!

Journeywithmoney_How to own a business without quitting your job

Side dishes

Journeywithmoney_How to own a business without quitting your job

Beef noodle

Journeywithmoney_How to own a business without quitting your job

Pork noodle

Journeywithmoney_How to own a business without quitting your job

Thai ice tea

In this course, Keith (the founder of the course) uses franchise model to set up business. He also brings his students to one of the outlets for students to see and feel for themselves. I find it a good experience considering I know nothing about setting up a business.

In the course, Keith also gives students the opportunity to invest together with him in his franchise which really give beginner like me a peace of mind.


Good deal must share!

For those who are interested to find out more, please click here.



Angel Hsu

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