How to find cheap accommodation when travelling

Imagine if you can save $50 a day on your accommodation, you will save $500 after a 10-day trip. And the pot of money you save will either enable you to travel longer, and add more activities to your trip. Isn’t that amazing? But you may be thinking: “Is it possible to save so much?” The answer is YES! And in this post, I’m going to show you how.


How to Find Cheap Accommodation -Couchsurfing


One of the best ways to save money on accommodations is by not paying for it. With Couchsurfing, you’re going to stay FOR FREE! Couchsurfing is the most comprehensive and robust hospitality networks. It allows you to stay with locals who open up their home to you. What’s more, you also get to interact with the people who will be eager to share about the local culture. In return, you need to be a responsible Couchsurfer who respect their culture and house rules.

The cons about couchsurfing are that hosts usually respond to you during last minute, and you can’t really be picky about the room, hygiene or location.

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How to Find Cheap Accommodation – Airbnb

Not a fan of couchsurfing? Try out Airbnb, which is like a hotel kind of home stay. With its diversity of rooms available and its ability to allow travelers to interact with the locals, Airbnb is getting more and more popular. From budget rooms to luxury penthouses, the site offers endless possibility. What’s more, the prices are generally much more affordable compare to hotel rooms. Sign up Airbnb today and both of us will have $50 travel credits!


How to Find Cheap Accommodation – Hotel

If you are a type of person who enjoys privacy, hotels are your best choice. Generally, search engine sites offer lower price than the official hotel websites themselves. It’s because hotels sell rooms to these booking sites at a discount. However, just like airlines and car rentals, not all search engines are built equal. Thus it’s important for you to check various sites before booking.

Firstly, start off with, Expedia,, or your favorite booking site. If you are booking in Asia, try using Agoda. Afterwards, check the prices from various search engines. Then cross check with the official hotel booking sites. From there, find the best deal and book whichever is cheaper!

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How to Find Cheap Accommodation – Hostel

I’m not a big fan of hostel as most of the time I’m traveling with my boyfriend. A private room in a hostel is not as cheap or as comfortable as rooms in Airbnb, that’s why I usually give it a miss. But if you are traveling solo, hostel will be a very good choice. Not only it’s much cheaper than a private room, you can also get to meet other travelers. I saw many of my friends who initially planned to travel alone, end up traveling with people whom they met in hostels. If hostel is your cup of tea, do check out sites like Hostel World, which offers one of the most robust hostel networks in the world.

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Hope you guys find the tips useful. Most importantly, always plan early and start searching for accommodation as soon as you’ve finalised your travel dates. Planning ahead not only gives you better discount (especially hotels), it also saves you from disappointment when all rooms are taken up.


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