How to Earn Money through Social Media

As value investors, we continue to find good deals to grow our money.

We believe in earning money through diversified methods, therefore we always look out for new ways to earn money.

Recently, a few of the bloggers from Journey With Money went to attend a course where we learnt to make money with youtube and social media.


Have you ever thought of how the famous YouTubers (Namewee, PPAP Pikotaro, Amogood, Jian Hao and The Smart Locals) became famous on social media platform?

How to earn money through youtube

Photo adapted from The Smart Local Facebook Page

Journey with Money_How to earn money through youtube

Photo adapted from Namewee’s Facebook page







In this post, we are going to share how can anyone earn money through social media.

The most important thing is BRANDING! With a branding and a niche, you can monetise your YouTube channel/ Instagram/ Facebook.


How does it works?

For example:

  1. Your niche is cooking healthy food
  2. You create a YouTube channel or other social platforms that educates people how to cook healthy food (that becomes your branding)
  3. You give great value through your social media channel
  4. Public likes you and follows you on your social media platform (you gain followers)
  5. You gain attention from kitchen ware companies or etc
  6. Companies find you as an endorser or give you commission for referring customers to them etc (there are also other methods)
  7. You earn money through your social media platform

If you are sharing what you are good at or love to do, why not earn some money out of it?


We would like to share a course that might benefit you greatly.

The course is “Marketing of the Future” by Yukee Ong, the man who established ChickenTravel.

Journey with money_How to make money through social media

Photo adapted from Yukee

This person travels in a yellow chicken suit and travel around the world.

Through his 8 years of videography experience, he constantly share with people around him on how to brand themselves and build their own branding.

You can also visit his YouTube channel, Chickentravel, to find out more of him.

Video adapted from Yukee Ong Chickentravel YouTube channel.



In this course, you will be learning:

How to Strategize Your Video Content and The One Key Principle That Makes All The Difference
The 3 Techniques for Mobile Filming
Editing your video using your phone
How to Brand A Unique Profile

What is the best is that you are guided on your videos and improvements will be made during the class.

I personally love the way how Yukee conduct the course, it is really systematic and easy to follow. (Even beginner like me could pick up the techniques easily)


If you want to learn to make your own video and brand yourself without spending a lot of money, this is the RIGHT course for YOU!

To find out more from Yukee, please click here.




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