How Can I Create a Work-Friendly Wardrobe on a Budget?


Trust me. Everyone wants to look good. Just look at your wardrobe (wink wink girls) and look at all those clothes that you have. The thing that is stopping us from buying more isn’t money but because there isn’t space for another wardrobe.

This post is dedicated to those who just got out to the workforce. You want to make an impact and show that you are a capable and young person. But guess what. Looks still matters. No one will take you seriously if you are wearing a PJ while giving a business presentation.

To create a work friendly wardrobe on a budget, most Singaporeans have turned to the following sources. These are some of the best kept secrets for Singaporeans.


Go to Thailand

Journey with money

2.5hours is all you need to reach the land of the smiles. While enjoying your pad thai and tom yam kun, why not make fill your wardrobe with tailor made clothes as well? The exchange rates are usually favorable and you can get your shirts for up to 50% off (depends on how many you make and the quality) from Singapore tailor prices. Remember to go to Bangkok on Monday as most tailors won’t be open during the weekend. This is so that you can get alterations for the shirt there. The ones that are most popular among Singaporeans are Crown Tailors and Paul’s Fashion Amari Watergate Hotel.



Welcome to Uniqlo~ Most people turn to Uniqlo nowadays because of simple design and comfort. While these shirts aren’t tailor made to your fitting. It is a cheap and good option to increase the number of business wear that you possess. It is also conveniently located at most shopping centers so you can always find one without travelling too far.


Your Local Tailor

Everyone would want the best of both worlds. A combination between comfort, style and price. After researching for sometime (and putting some money on the line), we can found that this up and coming local tailor to fit our bill.

Warning: This is not a sponsored post. The authors do not have any relationship with any of the owners of the company. 

Introducing Este Bartin, we felt they fit the bill for having the best comfort, style and price points.

Journey With Money

The tailors are young and equipped with a sense of style. They are professional and will attend to smallest detail on your shirts and suits. Collection of the shirts were fast and the quality of the clothes feels very good on your body. It is certainly a good value for everyone who wants to look good (especially if we are wearing office wear at least 5 times a week). Overall, we felt the overall experience at the tailor was good.

Recently, there is a promotion of getting a shirt at $45/piece. This is cheaper than a G2000 shirt. There are some terms and conditions to this promotion (which I will not be elaborating). This is valid until Xmas Eve. Check out Este Bartin Facebook Pin Post for more information.

In our Journey with money, we want to find the best deal for ourselves and share it with others. We also feel that our journey with money will not be completed without proper stock investing and also financial planning. We hope your journey with money in 2017 has been great and have a wonderful 2018!

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