Everybody ought to be rich

“Investing in stocks is risky business!” I have many relatives and friends telling me this whenever I try to educate them and convince them that the stock market is simply a place where investors can search for good and profitable businesses to own to accumulate wealth for themselves.

To a person who does not know what he is buying into, I will say that the stock market is indeed like the casino where the gamblers go to the betting tables to try their luck. Like what investing guru Warren Buffet said: ” Risk Comes From Not Knowing What You Are Doing.”

So everyone ought to invest in your financial education before you invest in the markets. Here is another wise quote from Warren Buffet: “The most important investment you can make is in yourself”.

One book that really changed my investment mindset is – Stocks For The Long Run by Jeremy Siegel. Before reading the book, I was pretty much the short-term kind of investor. This is one book that I strongly recommend to all my friends who are serious in investing to read.


The main key takeaway for me from the book is that the stock market has the power to generate wealth for someone who is patient. Those who keep their focus and perspective during trying times are far more likely to emerge successful. Achieving good long-term returns in stocks is simple and available to all who seek to gain through investing.

Personally, I think stocks is one of the best asset class you can choose to grow your wealth. Becoming rich from stocks investing is not difficult but it takes a lot of preparation, patience and clarity. Stay tuned on this site as my friends and I will be sharing more  about stocks investing in the coming posts.




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