Earn cashback while you shop online. How?

Earn cashback while you shop online. How?

As a value investor, I have been searching for good deals and undervalue buys. Recently I discovered this website that allows you to earn cashback while you shop online. The website is SHOP.COM

Cashback while you shop online

Earn cashback while you shop online.

How I came across this website was that I used their product, and found that the product works well for me. (I will share in another post on the product that has benefited me. Today I am going to share on the partner shops and how you can make full use of it to your advantage.)


How does it work?

Do you go for holiday? Do you buy air ticket or book hotel to go for holiday?

If yes, this is good for you!

The partner shops for holiday includes agoda, expedia, and even accor hotel group.

Earn cashback while you plan for holiday trip.


Below is part of the list of online partner shops that you can take advantage of.

Accorhotels.com Asia Pacific Singapore: 2% cashback

Agoda Singapore                                      : 4% cashback

Alls Well Birdnest (Singapore)               :10% cashback

B’Polished Nail Boutique (Walk-in)       :8% cashback

Banana Republic                                      :2% cashback

Cotton On                                                 :4% cashback

Crocs Singapore                                       :4% cashback

Eyecare House (Walk-in)                        :2% cashback

Forever 21 Singapore                              :2% cashback

GamersGate Singapore                           :4% cashback

H.M. Gallery (Walk-in)                            :4% cashback

Hertz                                                         :2% cashback

HP Singapore                                           :3% cashback

Lenovo Singapore                                    :4% cashback

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant (Walk-in) :10% cashback

O2N2 Oxygen Bar (Singapore)              :4% cashback

Peng Guan Bak Kwa (Singapore)           :5% cashback

Superdry                                                  :4% cashback

For the full list, please visit here, and download the PDF.


How to earn the cashback? 4 simple steps:

  1. Click here.
  2. Sign up for a free account (Yes, it is FREE!), put as referral “jungpu@gmail.com”
  3. Shop through the “Partner store” link
  4. Gain cashback in 2 months in your account!


Other than Singapore, more shops in Asia:

To visit Hong Kong shop, please click here.

To visit Taiwan shop, please click here.

To visit Australia shop, please click here.

(Malaysia shop is launching likely in August, more choices available by then!)


To add on, it is Great Singapore Sales period! Many of these shops have extra discount and special price!!

Happy Shopping!!



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