Dividend Mastery Programme

Dividend Mastery Programme

Investing In Dividend Stocks As A Means To Generating Regular Income

There are a few ways to classify stocks listed in the various stock exchanges around the world, such as Asset Play, Cyclicals, Fast Growers etc. One popular class of stocks is dividend stocks which regularly (quarterly or half-yearly) pay dividends to the shareholders.

This means when an investor carefully builds up a portfolio of dividend stocks, he or she would receive regular dividend payouts which constitute a source of regular income and passive income at that if the investor take a long-term investment approach and only reviews the portfolio when necessary.

The Dividend Mastery Programme is an introductory course to stock investment and aims to educate the students on the framework to building a portfolio of dividend stocks.

Course Outline

If you are new to investing in the stock market or if you have been buying stocks but purely based on gut feel or recommendations from friends, stock brokers or analysts and have mixed successes, then this course is for you.

Investing in stock market and buying a stock should be seen as buying into the entire business. You should know what you are getting into and how much you should be paying for the business.

In this 1-day course, you will learn:

Dividend Mastery Programme Framework

The 5-Step Stock Investment Framework

  • Stock Screening – what stocks to buy
  • Fundamental Analysis – the company’s competitive advantage and financial performance
  • Valuation – how much is the company worth
  • Market Entry – when to buy and at what price
  • Market Exit – when should you sell


Managing Risk – Learn About Portfolio Sizing

Case studies will be used to illustrate various concepts.

A list of dividend stocks will be provided for students to have hands-on practices during class and at the end of the course, the students will also have a list of stocks to consider and start building his or her own portfolio.

This course will be taught collectively by the CALM Investors and classroom activities and hands-on participation will be combined with the theoretical framework to ensure participants get the most out of the programme. Complete course materials will also be provided.

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To help you get started in your investment journey, we have promotional rates at $199 per person.

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