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Would you like to learn digital marketing skills which is highly sought after in Singapore?

It has been more than two years since the launch of Journey With Money, and we have been mostly educating the public primarily on stock investment through our own outreach program and stock investment courses and recommendations.

During our interactions with the community, some have mentioned that they would like to build up more capital so they can invest more to work towards financial freedom earlier.

We have discussed Passive Income Ideas, How To Start An Online Business and also given an illustration of Making Money From Blogging. With much planning from May this year, we are happy to announce our launch of the course Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (IEAP), a digital marketing course where you can learn to launch an online business and make some money. digital marketing course

The 2-day practice-oriented course is a comprehensive digital marketing course that aims to equip students with the skills, understanding and knowledge of digital marketing that can be used for real business setting. Learners will be taught how to start an online business, or to bring an existing offline business online.

Students are taught the various channels available to develop a web presence, and the techniques to enhance web presence which will result in a wider target audience vis-a-vis via the offline mode only.

Designed to be immersive with lots of hands-on practices, the course will equip students with skills to set up a website, social media accounts, know how to carry out market research, how to drive traffic to the website through paid advertisements (social media marketing) and search engine optimization (SEO), as well as build a good sales funnel through sales landing page, lead boxes and email marketing.

So how about picking up a new skill-set or enhance your existing digital marketing knowledge?

Turning Your Passion Into A Profitable Business

There are many legitimate ways to make money through your online business. Journey With Money was started by the CALM investors because we are passionate about one thing, investing wisely with end-goal of achieving financial and time freedom. We extended that by finding platforms to share and educate the general public about investing, and in particular value investing.

Today incidentally, Journey With Money is able to monetize this financial blog through Google Adsense and Affiliate programs though we continue to derive our primary motivation from seeing people succeed in picking up wise investment knowledge.

With Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (IEAP), you can plan and start a business, and the starting point of that can also be your passion, interests or a particular talent you have. These are just some ways money can be made online:

  • E-commerce store selling physical products or through drop shipping
  • Affiliate marketing selling products from other vendors
  • A blogging website and monetizing traffic through Google adsense
  • Be a food blogger or influencer or even a great YouTuber if you have the personality and flair

While the internet has been around for a long time, smart phones, social media, video streaming, lifestyle changes and e-commerce have made this whole area very very exciting! From an investor point of view, it is why I strongly believe Facebook and Alibaba at current prices are very compellingly a buy especially if you have a long investment horizon.

IEAP Is SkillsFuture Credit Claimable

digital marketing course

We have carefully planned for the launch of Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (IEAP), with a soft launch with enterprising entrepreneurs who already put what they learned into practices, in particular personal trainer Jenniser who runs HappyFit ( and Kosh who runs a 21-day Mandarin Program ( Please like the IEAP Facebook Page and see the reviews too.

Many more of the graduates are planning exciting online business ideas.

As part of the planning, we have wanted to make sure the course fees should not be exorbitant. The next thing we did is to ensure our students can tap on SkillsFuture Credit. And here we are, the course is SkillsFuture credit claimable!

The next run is on 6-7 October 2018 (Saturday and Sunday), please sign up HERE.

A key differentiating feature of IEAP is the post-course support to guide students in the right direction. Therefore, a Facebook closed group is accessible to all graduates where questions can be posed and ideas can be shared. There is also the one-to-one coaching with the trainer so that the right direction can be steered, saving lots of time.

In addition, because of the trainer’s background, fund raising for promising business ideas will be facilitated,

Journey With Money Special Offer

Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is the first digital marketing course offered by Internet Entrepreneur College, an associate of Journey With Money. For our readers, and if you can’t claim SkillsFuture credit, we would like to offer you a one-off discount of 20% off the course fees which is currently $1,079.

The course is currently only offered once a quarter with limited class size. So hurry! To enjoy this offer, please email to and ask for the promotion coupon code.

We already have a number of confirmed sign-ups, so grab your seats NOW.

If you would like to find out more information about the course, you can email to or Whatsapp +65-98590581.

About The Principal Trainer

Liong Hai

The principal trainer is Tan Liong Hai who is one of the founders of Journey With Money. Liong Hai spent two decades of his career in telco and technology companies. He also founded and co-founded a few successful companies, the latest one being Anspire Consulting offering a suite of digital marketing services.

Liong Hai currently also consults for start-up organizations on corporate strategy and advising on sales and marketing plans.

He also found passions in personal wealth management and internet/digital marketing.

During his free time over the last five years, Liong Hai spent countless hours relentlessly pursuing internet marketing knowledge and skill sets, pouring huge amount of money into courses and tools. Some courses are good while many turn out to be more than scams by so-called internet marketing gurus.

A chief goal of Internet Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is to provide a structured learning platform to would be entrepreneurs who want to build successful online businesses. Liong Hai is committed to be a coach to imparting not just the technical know-how but the key success factors required of an online business.

Liong Hai has a M.Eng from Nanyang Technological University and an MBA from California State University, East Bay.




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