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As value investors in Singapore, Journey with money is sharing how to manage money through credit card fee waiver. This is important for ladies as a form of cutting down expenses.

I have many friends that do not know how to waiver credit card annual fee or late charges, and let the bank eat up their money! Oh No…

Today in the women money management section, I am going to share with you how to waive off those charges that many people would have saved!

Often we see in our credit card statement: “annual fee $XXX”. Depending on the bank that your credit card is issued, this annual fee could be as cheap as $30 per year to $200 per year. Do you know the amount is actually able to be waived off?

This is how you can do it:

  1. Call up the phone number found on the credit card (usually found at the back of the credit card)
  2. Select the “Credit card fee waiver option” in phone banking menu.
  3. Provide them with your credit card and personal detail.
  4. Wait for confirmation/Get immediate confirmation/speak to customer service officer.

Yes! It is as simple as that, you do not even need to speak to customer service officer for some banks! Take a few minutes to call and save some unnecessary expenses!

Below are the banks that you can do everything yourself and don’t need to speak to customer service officer:

POSB: Call 1800-339-6666 (Singapore) or 65-6339-6666 (Overseas)

OCBC: Call 1800-363-3333 (Singapore) or 65-6363-3333 (Overseas)

HSBC: Call 1800-227-6868 (Singapore) or 65-6227-6868 (Overseas)

Standard Chartered: Call 1800-3333-969 (Singapore) or 65-6333-3969 (Overseas)

UOB: Call 1800-355-1212 (Singapore) or 65-6355-1212 (Overseas)


Can you do the same for late charge? Yes! There is usually a grace period where banks deemed that you might have forgotten to pay your credit card bill, so the late charge can be waived within 2 weeks to 22 days (depending on banks). If you have to speak to customer service officer, please do! Why spend unnecessary money?


For people who need a very detailed, step-by-step guide, the link below may be useful:


Look out for our future post on more women money management!



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