Cheapest Michelin Star Food in Singapore (SGD$5 only!!)

As value investors in Singapore, we constantly look out for good businesses that are undervalue for our investment.

As a good deal researcher, I would like to share this good deal on food with our readers today.

Have you ever tried food that are rated with Michelin Star?

You probably have this idea where all the Michelin star rated food causes a bomb and will burn your wallet when you patronise them.

No no! The 3 Michelin Star rated restaurants that I am going to share with everyone is as affordable as SGD$5 per meal per person. And the best part is THEY ARE ALL LOCATED IN ONE SHOPPING MALL!!!


This gem that contains three Michelin star rated restaurants is located at 18 Taiseng

Address : 539775, 18 Tai Seng St

How to get there by MRT (this is probably the easiest route so far): Take circle line to Taiseng MRT station (CC11), cross the road and it is located next to Breadtalk headquarter.

You could drive too, the parking here is FREE as of today 22 July 2017.


The 3 restaurants in this gem (all 3 restaurants located on level 1):

  1. Tim Ho Wan (The cheapest Michelin Star dim sum you can ever find).
  2. Tsuta Ramen (The cheapest Michelin Star ramen in Singapore).
  3. Liao Fan Hawker Chan, Soya Sauce Chicken (The cheapest cheapest Michelin Star food that you can find in the world).


Value investing_cheap Michelin food in Singapore

Value investing in Singapore: Cheap Michelin food all in one place

Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest Michelin one star restaurant that you can find in many places in Singapore. I go there for dim sum although they are not the best dim sum out there. My favourite dish is the BBQ pork chee chong fan (the name on the menu is Vermicelli Roll with BBQ pork) and the signature Baked bun with BBQ pork (used to be my favourite dish). One other dish that I would recommend is steamed spinach dumpling with shrimp. If you decided to dine in here, the estimated cost per person would range from SGD$20-30.


Tsuta Ramen, the world’s first ramen that achieved Michelin star. The first store in Singapore was located in Orchard, Pacific Plaza (9 Scotts Road, #01-01, Pacific Plaza, 228210). I once passed by but I saw the queue and I decided not to queue.. The queue was 1 HOUR!!! Fortunately, now we can enjoy this delicious ramen at 18 Taiseng and the queue time is much shorter than in Orchard. I queued for 15 minutes (including ordering food) when I when there the first time. There are only 2 selections of ramen: The Miso or The Shoyu flavour. I tried both and I prefer The Shoyu (you can choose the saltiness level of the Shoyu soup base, the reduced saltiness is just nice for my liking). The basic noodle costs SGD$15 per bowl, you can choose to add egg, char siew etc with addition cost.


Lastly, The Soya Sauce Chicken from Liao Fan Hawker Chan! Super recommended!!! With as little as SGD$5 per person, you could enjoy the Michelin star rated soya sauce chicken!! The noodle is nicer than rice. And the chilli is very nice too! I am someone that does not appreciate chili, but this one is just awesome! If you order half a chicken (just nice for 3 person), you will get chicken wing, chicken thigh and chicken breast. I must say that their chicken breast is not dry at all!! It is soft and yummy! The Thai style Tofu is not recommended as it is overvalue.


Picture speaks a thousand words, so below are some photos and a video taken with my option investment buddies.

Value Investing Singapore_Tsuta Ramen

Tsuta Ramen_Basic Miso Flavour

Value Investing Singapore_Tsuta Ramen

Tsuta Ramen_Basic Shoyu Flavour

Value Investing Singapore_Hawker Chan

Liao Fan Hawker Chan_Soya sauce chicken

Value Investing Singapore_Hawker Chan

Liao Fan Hawker Chan_Soya sauce chicken noodle is the best


Credit to Ken for taking the video below. Enjoy the video!

Wish all a good weekend ahead!


Angel (aka the good deal researcher, making full use of my research skill on finding good deal ^_^)

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