Medical Expenses
 No fixed pay. Short term contracts. No annual leaves. How to do financial planning (Singapore) like that? (Check out the 5 myths of financial planning.) No money to do stock investment too. Unfortunately, the current job market dynamics is one that prefer short term contracts. Many University Graduates are having difficulties […]

How to survive and thrive as a freelancer?

AIA Vitality App reward 54
Being value investors, we constantly look out for great deals in Singapore that can help to reduce your expenditures or maximise your savings. Previously in another post, AIA vitality was introduced to everyone. AIA vitality plan is introduced by AIA in promoting healthy living. As a user of AIA vitality, […]

5 simple steps to maximise the efficiency in usage of ...

Singapore Savings Bonds
As a practitioner of Value Investing in Singapore, writing about the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) seems unlikely. However, in Are You Prepared for Stock Market Crash, I did mention about setting aside some cash to leverage on possible buying opportunities at great value, and I thought you may want at […]

Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)