Are Singapore REITs Expensive
In June 2019, many analysts were saying that Singapore REITs were getting quite expensive. Prices continued to soar anyway. If we use the Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF as the proxy to Singapore REITs, because of fears over the economic impact caused by Covid-19, price has declined by around 10% over just […]

Are Singapore REITs Expensive

Let’s talk about world news today, Journey with Money chanced across this news in the internet and got a big shock of it! As shown in our title, what happened was that a man climbed onto the wing of a plane while it was about to take off. Are you […]

A man Climbed onto the wing of a plane while ...

Medical Expenses
 No fixed pay. Short term contracts. No annual leaves. How to do financial planning (Singapore) like that? (Check out the 5 myths of financial planning.) No money to do stock investment too. Unfortunately, the current job market dynamics is one that prefer short term contracts. Many University Graduates are having difficulties […]

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