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In journey with money, we want to help people to retire with confidence through stock investing and also financial planning. Today, we want to talk about getting cashback using your cards. There have been plenty of talks on the best credit card for cashback ever since cashback became popular. Recently, we wrote an article about how to not pay your credit card annual fees. If you are like me who wants a simple fuss-free life, you probably will be turn off by the annual fee and not apply it at all. I often ask myself.

“Is there a card that have high cashback and no annual fee and no minimum spending with minimum terms and conditions?”

Finally, I found it. I have been searching at the wrong place. It wasn’t a credit card. It is a debit card.



DBS Visa Debit Card. 5% cashback every time! * (T&C applies)

Financial Planning(Image: DBS website)



This is a really simple card.

  1. No annual fees! No need to call the bank to waive the annual fee!
  2. No minimum spending required! No annoying 0.05% cashback if you didn’t hit the minimum spending!
  3. Minimum terms and conditions! Just two simple conditions. Pay using Visa payWave, through your card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay. Keep cash withdrawals to three times or less and up to S$400 every month.
  4. High cashback! Cashback earned is capped at S$50 per customer per month
  5. You can’t overspend! Because it is not a credit card.


As this is not a credit card, there is no credit facility.


It is voted the best Credit/Debit Card of 2016 by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards. For a person who wants everything fuss-free, sounds like a decent deal.

Find out more at here. This is not a recommendation. I’m currently enjoying the card as of the time of writing.

Check the video for more details

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