Liong Hai Tan

There are a few ways to determine which e-commerce company in the world is the biggest, by revenue, market capitalization or gross merchandise volume (GMV). GMV refers to the total value of all items sold on the online platform. Alibaba has surpassed the milestone of USD 1 trillion in GMV […]

Buy This E-Commerce Giant Now

are faang stocks a buy
The FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet, parent of Google) are all growth stocks. Famous investor Peter Lynch classified businesses into 6 main types depending on their annualized growth rates: Fast growers: growth is > 20% Stalwarts: growth is between 10% and 20% Slow growers: growth is single digit […]

Are FAANG Stocks A Buy?

Are Singapore REITs Expensive
In June 2019, many analysts were saying that Singapore REITs were getting quite expensive. Prices continued to soar anyway. If we use the Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF as the proxy to Singapore REITs, because of fears over the economic impact caused by Covid-19, price has declined by around 10% over just […]

Are Singapore REITs Expensive

CMP Educational Series
Educational Series #1 This is the first of many articles as part of our Educational Series that we are planning. The contents are actually extracted and expanded from our very popular and successful course Cashflow Mastery Program. Can You Learn Successful Stock Investment Skills? People invest in the stock market […]

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Cash Is Trash
Cash is trash, so said Ray Dalio at the World Economic Forum. This is the exact opposite of what we always hear which is Cash Is King. What exactly is he saying? I will leave you with this video to understand a bit more about what he means. As explained […]

Cash Is Trash