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We are brought up in a very complicated society. Do you have friends who tell you that they will fail in this exam only to find out that they got an A? Do you have friends who tell you that they have no money but strangely able to travel at least 4 times a year? It is no wonder we find it hard to trust people.

The whole concept of free lunch is very hard to accept nowadays.


“Sure or not”

“What’s the catch?”

These are just some of the responses we get whenever I tell people a lobang. (A lobang means good deal).

Previously, we talked about retiring early. We talked about 3 factors that can help people retire early. We got a few responses saying that it is not easy to increase their income or they don’t have time to invest. We realized the easiest way for someone to start their retirement journey is by saving as much as possible. (If you have already not read about financial excel cheat sheet, I suggest you start here or financial planning (singapore))

Today, we will focus on providing one lobang that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars this year. Before we share with you this lobang, we are going to tell you about the catch first.  If you don’t fulfill those “catches”, we humbly suggest that you take care for your health first.

“You must have a smartphone” (sounds easy)

“You must be able to walk” (wuuudddd)

“You must AIA policy holder” (ohhhhh)

If you can get $10 vouchers every week by simply walking, do you think it is a great deal? The working of this system is very simple. The company wants to reward people for taking care of their health. By walking 10000 steps a day, you can get 50 points. If you are able to clock 250 points in that week, they will issue you a voucher. Add 7 friends who do the same thing as you do into this vitality program and you will get $10 every week.

While membership is priced at $5 a month, your potential return is $40. By simple maths, your ROI is 700%.

With this vitality program, you can retain your lifestyle as the vouchers they give are from Cold Storage, Uber and Starbucks. Do you want to have a free Starbucks coffee after lunch? How about free breakfast from Cold Storage? Having a late night out, how about a free ride home with Uber? Don’t take it from me, take it from a famous fitness blogger in Singapore, a lady that enjoys her coffee and also a tired man’s uber ride.

There are plenty of ways to save money. This is just one of the many that we like because we can keep fit and also enjoy our lifestyle. So do you want your free lunch today?

Feel free to leave me comments below or contact me at if you want to know more about this unique way of saving money. If you like this article, stay tuned to part 2 of free lunches (How to save up to 50% when dining with eatigo) by The Financial Planner.


You can read more information about me at The Financial Planner. The consultant has vested interest in this article.


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