5 ways to start investing with $3000

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions

Everyday we are bombarded by decisions. We can choose what to do with our life. We can choose what to do with our time. We can choose what to do with our financial planning (singapore).

Most of the time, we spend money based on habits. This is because we are very used to spending money since young. We see what our parents do with their money and it became a basis on how we spend money. I have seen friends who buys branded goods or eat only at high class restaurants and I have seen friends who are great savers. While there is nothing wrong to spend money, there are some smart guidelines to spend money.

In journey with money, these are the 5 ways we feel that is you can start investing with $3000.

Invest in a good book. (Cost – avg $30)

There are many books out there that are excellent. Books are one of my favorite as they are the shortcuts into many things in life. If you don’t know how to invest? Buy an investing book. If you want to know how to save money? Buy a financial planning book. If you want to know how to take care of a baby? Buy a parenting book. Books records all the years of experience the author gone through, the strategies he/she use and also the lessons he/she learn.

We will like to recommend a book by Anthony Robbins called Unshakeable, Your Financial Freedom playbook. You can a copy clicking over here.

Invest in a course/program. (Cost – avg $3000)

The fastest way to achieve something is by learning and doing. By reading books, it is a good start to learn. We do acknowledge that some people like to listen to a live speaker than reading. Hence, the fastest way to learn would be invest in a course/program that teaches you on the basics of whatever you want to learn.

We will like to recommend a course by Value Investing College. If you would like to find out more, contact us at journeywithmoney@gmail.com

Invest your time with a mastermind group. (Cost – avg $10 for coffee)

A mastermind group is a group where like minded people come together to discuss about a topic of interest. Some of my best trades were done because someone in my mastermind group shared with me a great stock. The most important reason to join a mastermind group is because of accountability. These people with the same passion, will make sure that you reach your goals with them.

Invest in a good insurance plan. (Cost – avg $300/month)

Most of my friends tell me they want to save for rainy days. While this is a good mindset to have, most of my friends do not have an answer when I asked what kind of rainy day they are preparing for. A good insurance plan will ensure that you will be well prepared in an event a financial pitfall such as critical illness or hospitalisation were to happen. While a pitfall will delay retirement by at least a decade, a good insurance portfolio will make sure you still can reach your goals.

Invest in a good relationship. (Cost – Avg $100/date)

While we are busy in life, we might miss out in the simple things in life that truly makes us happy. Always remember why are we working so hard for, investing so hard for and losing sleep for. For when you reach your goals, your love ones might not be there with you.

In Journey with money, we want to empower individuals to retire early and avoid financial pitfalls such as this. Such a financial pitfall will delay retirement by at least a decade if not forever. If you already have done financial planning (singapore) or have a financial planner, that’s fantastic. You should be proud that you have taken the first step. However, there are many still unaware of this. We will like to offer our readers (even if you have a plan already or not) a free review by our in-house Financial Planner. He will cater a uniquely designed portfolio for your specific needs and your journey with money.

Feel free to leave comments below or contact him at chengkokoh@gmail.com

As we practice value investing in Singapore, don’t forget to have proper protection against critical illnesses!

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