5 Simple steps to save on your Grocery Shopping

As value investors, we constantly find good value deals around Singapore for our daily needs.

In this post, we are going to share on 5 simple steps on how to save on grocery shopping!

We love hacks! Especially hacks that help us save money.

Today we are going to share 5 hacks on how to save while grocery shop!


Step 1: Go to the “Reduce to clear” Fruit and veggie section to buy fruits/veggie

Some fruits and veggies that are not so perishable (lemon, orange, pomelo, avocado, potato, carrot) can be bought over the “Reduce to Clear” section in the supermarket.

Things to take note when you buy at this section:

  1. Avoid buying ROTTEN fruits of veggie for consumption
  2. Avoid buying mouldy fruits and veggie for consumption
  3. Avoid buying in bulk if you don’t have plans to finish them soon

Still, choose your health over money please, it is not worth risking your health for money. Don’t buy mouldy fruits and veggie just to save money.

Step 2: Don’t “fall” into the “bundle effect” of supermarket

It is common to find “3 for $10” this kind of tags in supermarket. They encourage you to buy more to save on per item price. For example, each milk cost SGD$3.70, but if you buy 3 packets at one shot, it costs SGD$9.15, which is only $3.05 per packet. BUT if you come from a small family, can you finish the milk before expiry? Does it go into wastage upon expired?

Unless, you are sharing with 3 other families, then it makes sense to buy 3 packets and divide the cost out.

Step 3: Buy food from “Reduce to clear” section in Supermarket

If you are buying food that you know you will consume soon, then go to the “Reduce to clear” section to buy them! It save a lot of money from there!

Step 4: Use AIA vitality to get Cold Storage voucher to offset the grocery fee!

In our earlier post, we talked about AIA vitality and how you can maximise the efficiency of this hack.

Summary of the steps (For detailed steps, please visit our previous post on AIA vitality)

  1. Sign up for AIA vitality plan from AIA agent (if you don’t have one, approach Oh Cheng Kok)
  2. Walk 10000 step daily for 5 day/week to get SGD$5 voucher
  3. Get a team of 8 people and meet the target together to get another SGD$5 voucher
  4. Spend the voucher in Cold Storage
  5. Accumulate 4 vouchers (SGD$20) and spend the vouchers in CapitaLand Mall to earn CapitalSTAR points
  6. Redeem CapitalSTAR points to CapitaLand vouchers (5000 points to SGD$5 voucher)
  7. Repeat the cycle


Step 5: Get NTUC Union Membership to shop for grocery in NTUC FairPrice

For maximum saving and even earning dividend while shopping for grocery at NTUC, get a NTUC Union member card! Please refer our previous post for the detail of this.


Happy grocery shopping!



~Angel Hsu~ (With the approval of using Oh Cheng Kok’s video)



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