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Previously in another post, AIA vitality was introduced to everyone.

AIA vitality plan is introduced by AIA in promoting healthy living.

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AIA vitality: how to use this most efficiently?

As a user of AIA vitality, I have tried out a few different methods and found the most efficient way (so far) to use your AIA vitality.


How it works? (Updated 01.01.2018)

Anyone with AIA insurance plan can top up SGD$5 per month to purchase the plan. (So cheap! Why not?!)

What we need to do is to walk 10000 steps per day (minimum 5 days per week) to reach the individual target. (This earn you SGD$5 e-voucher per week). Iphone user can use apple health app to track the steps, andriod user can use Shealth app.

Also, we need to find 7 other AIA vitality users and form a team with them. If everyone in your team completes their target every week, you will get another SGD$5 e-voucher in the same week! (Maximum $10 e-voucher per week; $40 e-vouchers per month when you spent only $5 premium to buy this plan. *Note: To form team with people who will reach their target every week so as to maximise the chance of getting the second $5 e-voucher.)

AIA Vitality App reward

AIA Vitality App reward

AIA Vitality e-vouchers

There are 3 different SGD$5 e-vouchers to choose from:

  1. Cold storage e-voucher
  2. Starbuck e-voucher
  3. Uber $5 credit

All the above e-vouchers valid for 2 weeks after completing your weekly targets.


My strategies:

Strategy 1: Redeem Cold Storage e-voucher

I always redeem the Cold storage $5 e-voucher as it contributes to my family’s weekly grocery fund.


Strategy 2: Get a passion card to earn points

On top redeem at Cold Storage, I get a Passion Card to credit the spending at Cold Storage into points. (The points can be converted to cashback during shopping).

Passion card can also be used to redeem points/get cashback at Guardian/Giant etc. The best part is: you can use it as your ezlink card! (you do not have to carry many cards for different purposes.

On top of that, being a member of the PA allows you to book their facilities/attend their classes at a cheaper rate.

Your investment is only SGD$12 for 5 years.


Strategy 3: Go to Capitaland Mall for Cold Storage

I go to Capitaland Mall with Cold Storage outlet. Why? Because there is this CapitaStar rewards for shopping within Capitaland Mall.


  1. Download CapitaStar App and register a free account
  2. Shop at Capitaland Mall. (Minimum spending per receipt is SGD$20)
  3. Take picture of your receipt through CapitaStar in-app receipt submission function.
  4. Upload the receipt and wait for approval.

*To note: your receipt should be $20 or above to qualify for the CapitaStar points.

Maximise cashback while shopping

Maximise cashback while shopping in Singapore

Which Capitaland Mall has Cold Storage?(Updated as of 2017/06/04)

Bugis Junction

The Star Vista


Strategy 4: Get an AMEX CapitaCard to maximise the points earn

Recently found out this new way to maximise earning of points at Capitaland Mall. Since Capitaland Malls are everywhere, it make sense to get the card and maximise the earning of points together with the CapitaStar App. I have not try this card before, will update in the future once I tried this card.

For more information related to this AMEX card, please click here.

Value Investor_maximise cashback while you shop at capitaland mall

Maximise cashback while you shop at Capitaland malls (Photo adapted from CapitaStar website)


Strategy 5: Use 4 Cold Storage e-vouchers at one go

The last strategy that I am sharing with everyone on how to miminise spending at Cold Storage but earn the maximum cashback is to use 4 Cold Storage e-voucher at one go.

Your e-vouchers valid for 2 weeks after you and you team have achieved the weekly target on AIA vitality app. Therefore what I do is I accumulate the 2 vouchers from 1st week and spend all 4 e-vouchers when you earn the next 2 e-vouchers on the 2nd week. 4 e-vouchers give a total value of SGD$20, which meets the requirement for receipt scanning at for CapitaStar App. (And you don’t have to travel so frequently to Cold Storage and Capitaland Mall, save some time too.)


Taaa-daaa! This is how you can maximise the efficiency of your AIA vitality app too!

Hope this post has benefited you, happy managing your money!


~Updated by Chengkok on 4 Jan 2018~

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