3 Steps on how to earn passive income through Airbnb

As value investors, we consistently looking out for good value deals inside and outside Singapore!

Today Journey With Money is going to share on how to earn extra income through Airbnb!!


As we all know, Airbnb is the world’s biggest accommodation brand without owning hotels and houses, so how to they work?

Watch the video below to understand more about Airbnb.


3 Steps to be money save some money earn passive income through airbnb:

  1. To be the user and save on your hotel stays when you travel: airbnb is usually cheaper than hotel if you are travelling in a group of more than 3 person. Therefore, booking your accommodation through airbnb helps to reduce a lot of costs involved for overseas accommodation.
  2. To be the host: If you have houses that are under-utilised, why not be a host with airbnb, and let people around the world stay in your house while travelling to your city? It gives the tourist where the locals stays and can understand more about your country too. It also help you to earn extra income.
  3. To be an affiliate of Airbnb: for every new user that you referred and used airbnb, the new user gets welcome money while the referral also gets money for referring their friends/family. It is win-win.

For more details, stay tune for our next post!



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