3 Simple Steps to SAVE MONEY while shopping at NTUC

As value investors, we consistently look out for ways to save money.

In this post, we are going to share on how to save money while shopping at NTUC supermarkets.

Buying grocery is a must for most of the families, but how can we reduce our cost while shopping in NTUC supermarket weekly?

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Picture adapted from NTUC website


Below are 3 simple simple steps (or rather hacks) that I personally use to save some money while shopping at NTUC Fairprice.


Step 1: Find a NTUC that is located in CapitaLand mall

Shopping in NTUC located in CapitaLand mall has an advantage. Whatever you spend (as long as it is above SGD$20), you are eligible to convert your spending into CapitaLand Mall points. These points will be able to convert into CapitaLand vouchers (SGD$5.00 for 5000 points) where you can use in CapitaLand malls again.

Maximise cashback while shopping

Maximise cashback while shopping in CapitaLand malls

NTUC Fairprice supermarket located within CapitaLand Malls:

Lot One Shopper’s Mall, Tampines Mall, Bedok Mall, SingPost Centre

How to convert spending to points? Refer back to our previous post for detail step-by-step guide.


Step 2: Apply for a NTUC plus member’s card

Get the NTUC Plus member card to accumulate LinkPoint on purchases above SGD$20 per receipt.

Redeem the LinkPoints for your subsequent visit after collecting enough points. Every 150 LinkPoints can be used to offset SGD$1.00 worth of purchases in the future shopping visits (just tell the cashier that you want to redeem the LinkPoints).

Journeywithmoney_save while shopping in NTUC

Picture adapted from NTUC Union Plus website

For individuals, you will get the black card. For people from the healthcare sector (especially government hospitals), you can apply for the silver card for SGD$9.00 per month. If you can apply for the silver card, you should. WHY? Because as a Union member, you get 4% dividend every year June for what you have spent in NTUC Fairprice supermarket. Also, when you REFER friends to apply for Union membership, you get a referral point of 1000 LinkPoints (That’s equivalent to SGD$8!).

NOT JUST THIS! You get extra perks and benefits (dining, entertainment, travel and etc) when you are Union member. Please visit Union Club for more information.

ADDITIONAL HACKS! I applied for the silver VISA credit card after I got the member’s card. AND I gave one of these cards to my mum where she can accumulate the points for me. Woohoo!


Step 3: Buy EVERYTHING you need from NTUC Fairprice Supermarket.

Yes! BUY EVERYTHING you need from NTUC FairPrice Supermarket. NTUC Supermarket sells EVERYTHING! Other than your weekly grocery, you can also buy toiletries,  home appliances, kitchenware, hardwares and everything you can think of!

WHY? These accumulated spending comes back in the form of DIVIDEND when you are NTUC Union member!

So what are you waiting for?! Go and apply for the membership!


Hope this post help you save some money while you shop at NTUC FairPrice!


~Angel Hsu~

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