3 Simple Steps on how to SAVE on Wedding Preparation

As value investors, we continue to find good deals and tips on how to save money on events.

Previously, we mentioned about estimation of how much red packet to pack for wedding banquet.

In this post, we are going to share 3 tips on how to save money on Wedding preparation.

(If you are currently preparing for your wedding, this post is for you!)


What’s the current situation?

We understand that getting married costs a bomb! (From wedding photoshoot, to wedding banquet, to honeymoon, to photographer, videographer, red packets, new house renovation etc)

That’s why we are here with 3 tips on How to save money on wedding preparation! Tips credited to this couple (Christopher and Jenniser) who’s planning for their wedding next year.


Give me the tips to saving money on Wedding Preparation!!

According to Christopher, the 3 tips to save on your wedding preparation are:

  1. To listen to your wife, to save from all the quarrels.
  2. Get the credit card that give you the most rebate (Christopher is using Standard Chartered Unlimited cash back card that gives around 3% cash rebate on spending; of course you can compare which credit card to apply through credit comparison websites: check out our post that mentioned about the website)
  3. Bring a friend to help you with your photoshoot (Taking pictures from the side) so that you get extra photos from those that you are given in the package (provided the wedding photoshoot company allows)


Below is a short video on an interview with Christopher!


Hope you benefit from this video!

We will be updating with another post on HOW to save money on Wedding preparation after Journey With Money team has done more in depth research and conduct more interviews!

SO.. Stay Tune!!

Comment below if you have any other tips to share with us so that more couples can benefit!

By the way, congratulations to Christopher and Jenniser for getting married! If you wanna know them, you can follow them on Instagram @happyfit07 or @happyfitsg



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