1 simple and efficient method to travel at ease (travel insurance)

As value investor, we are constantly looking out for good deal in different aspects.

Previously in our travel post, we have our partner to share about how to find cheap accommodation while travelling.

Today we are sharing with you the most efficient method of buying your travel insurance before you go on any trip.


Travel insurance

Travel insurance may sound redundant, but it comes really useful when you met some troubles overseas. Chengkok, one of our bloggers, managed to claimed back the money for the items he lost while his car was broken into when he was travelling in USA.

Just like health insurance, you do not know when you would ever need it, but it comes in really useful when you had to claim for mishaps happened during your trip.

Most of the travel insurance are not cheap if you buy through ATM, with banks, or through travel fair. The cheapest would be to buy through the insurance provider, but it is such a hassle comparing which insurance provider give the best deal. Therefore, the reason for this post.

This is the website I recently found and tried a few times before sharing with everyone:


value investing_maximise the efficiency of buying travel insurance

Efficient purchase of travel insurance

Basically what happen is that this website that we found helps us to compare the travel insurance available in the market (with the current available discounts).

The selection could be either for one person, for family, or for multiple travellers. For course you can also buy annual travel plan through this website, but I personally prefers buying the travel insurance for individual trip, so I can pick the plan that suits my different needs for each trip.

It is good if you are buying for short trips, because you can customise the travel insurance according to your need for that trip. Annual plans for travel insurance is usual the most basic plan where there is no coverage for exotic sports unless you go for the most expensive plan. (But you don’t go for exotic sport every trip, do you?)


What do I mean by customise to each trip:

  1. If I am taking budget flight to go on a holiday trip to Japan/Taiwan/Korea/Hong Kong and not planning to do exotic sports, I could choose a plan that gives me a better coverage on baggage lost, flight delay, or accident.
  2. If I am going for holiday trip with exotic sports like diving/sky diving/skiing, then I would go for plan that has a better accident and death coverage.
  3. If I am travelling to places that might be more prone to terrorism attack, then I would go for plan that specified “terrorism attack”.
  4. If I am only going for a business trip, I would buy the simplest coverage depending on the location that I am going (because your company would have already bought insurance for you).


How to compare between the difference travel insurance plans?

value investing_simple and effective way for buying travel insurance

Travel insurance at one glance

After you have selected the country and travel dates, the system will automatically select out the plans available (with discount stated). For people who wants to understand the page and how to operate it, the little bear on the top left hand corner give step by step instruction and information.

You could see the overall rating and credit card promotion for each of the insurance provider.

To compare, simply click the “compare now” for the plans that you shortlisted.

value investing_simple step to compare travel insurance

Travel insurance comparison

This website is powerful in the way that they compare everything for you, they give us the amount that we could claim if: baggage delay/baggage lost/accident etc. (this is where I always compare the plans and customise the plan according to the need for my trip)

Simple steps! Then all you need to do is to click on “go to provider”, fill in your personal particulars and pay! AND YAY! You are done buying your travel insurance and can travel with a peace of mind!

To add on, some insurance provider will send you welcome home messages, it is really sweet. 🙂


Of course, you can also buy your travel insurance from your personal insurance agent, it might be a little more expensive, but they save you from worrying if you have anything to claim.


It’s year end again and I believe many of you are travelling.

Hope this post benefits you~

Wish you an early Merry Christmas!



Disclaimer: The author does not have any relationship with gobear.com, all the information shared in the post  is based on the author’s past user experience.

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