Make Your Money Work Harder
With rising costs, inflation will get higher. Are you making your money work harder? In my post Using Stock Options To Generate Monthly Income, I introduced you to the use of the Options instrument when investing in the stock market. Even guru like Warren Buffett leverages a lot on this […]

Make Your Money Work Harder

Stay in market but protect downside
February 2018 has been a month of huge volatility for the US stock market and the market also touched correction level with a 10% decline from the recent peak, though it has recovered somewhat. I started my first article of the year with Market Crash in 2018, hope I don’t […]

Stay In Market But Protect Downside

US Market Correction
I woke up this morning and saw a few Whatsapp messages “Walau”, “OMG”, “Oh Dear” and wonder what happened. Well, it looks bad. Going by the definition of correction being 10% decline and bear market 20% decline, the US market is almost in correction now. However, the market has also […]

US Market Correction

How much hong bao to give
It is the time of the year our journey with money involves HONG BAOS!! After an entire year of doing value investing and financial planning, finally it is the time to receive some money!! As value investors, we find ways to most efficiently give our money too. The hongbao that you receive can […]

How much Hong Bao to give for Chinese New Year ...

Term insurance comparison
The big question of financial planning is whether we should pick a term insurance plan or a whole life insurance plan. While the debate still continues, we will address another popular question today in our journey with money.   Which term plan is better?   Highly sought after by investors due to the high […]

Term Plan Comparisons for Insurance

The ONE mobile prepaid card that saves all the hassle when you travel
As value investors, we continue to find efficient ways to utilize our money. Previously in Journey With Money, we shared how to find travel insurance and exchange money using the most effective methods. Today, we are going to cover on the problem that most people will face while travelling — […]

The ONE Mobile data card that saves all the costs ...

Market Crash in 2018
Year 2017 In Review Did you have a good investment return for the year 2017? It has been a good year for me, and my definition of good is based on my own investment objective, which is consistent monthly cashflow and capital growth for the stocks I hold for the longer […]

Market Crash In 2018?

Money Management
Holiday session is here around the corner! Hurray! Excited about your next trip to Japan, you bring your hard earned money from value investing or work to the money changer and you…. paused and stopped…. A bunch of numbers stared at you and you wonder whether this money changer is […]

How to change money at the money changer?

Trust me. Everyone wants to look good. Just look at your wardrobe (wink wink girls) and look at all those clothes that you have. The thing that is stopping us from buying more isn’t money but because there isn’t space for another wardrobe. This post is dedicated to those who […]

How Can I Create a Work-Friendly Wardrobe on a Budget?

Best Saving Account
As value investors, we like to have a simple and easy way to get most value out of our money. Today, we will be won’t be touching on value investing. We will be touching on something that most of us already have. That is your bank account. Warning: Promotion come […]

Best Saving Account for Simple Savers