Time To Buy SingTel
SingTel’s share price closed at $3.37 last Friday (13 April 2018). Is it time to buy SingTel? I won’t be doing any analysis here but please refer to the Stock Investment Framework which is what I use to derive at an investment decision. SingTel is of course one of the […]

Time To Buy SingTel?

Profit From Facebook Price Volatility Using Options
  As you know, Facebook (FB) is currently facing some woes because of the Cambridge Analytica saga where user data were mined for campaign purposes. As a result, the Facebook stock price was hammered from a high of about $185 to a low of about $163 these few days, a […]

Profit From Facebook Price Volatility Using Options

my investment and trading journey
I have been investing in the stock market for a fairly long time. Along the way, I have spoken to other investors, attended seminars, read books, watched videos and attended paid courses. The last 3 years have been the time when I really tried to put together an investment system […]

My Investment And Trading Journey

The silent inflation
Wedding Dinner Singapore: The Silent Inflation Invitation You received a whatsapp photo from a distant friend you know from University. You haven’t spoke to her in a while. It reads “XXX and I will like to invite you to our wedding on XX Sept 2018, we really hope that you […]

Wedding Dinner Venues Singapore: The Silent Inflation

Copayment Insurance Hospital Singapore
Last week, it was announced that there are new rules to include Co-Payment even for those that have full rider hospitalisation plan. This will change the financial planning landscape in your journey with money. Insurers in Singapore will no longer be able to offer full rider coverage in this light. […]

How changes in co-payment for hospital bills affect you?

Financial Planning Singapore
In the previous post about make your money work harder, we learn how to make money with money. Have we thought that we could lose it all? How about letting your money protect your money? In our post 5 myths of financial planning, we talked about why people delay using insurance to […]

Let your money protect your money

Make Your Money Work Harder
With rising costs, inflation will get higher. Are you making your money work harder? In my post Using Stock Options To Generate Monthly Income, I introduced you to the use of the Options instrument when investing in the stock market. Even guru like Warren Buffett leverages a lot on this […]

Make Your Money Work Harder

Stay in market but protect downside
February 2018 has been a month of huge volatility for the US stock market and the market also touched correction level with a 10% decline from the recent peak, though it has recovered somewhat. I started my first article of the year with Market Crash in 2018, hope I don’t […]

Stay In Market But Protect Downside

US Market Correction
I woke up this morning and saw a few Whatsapp messages “Walau”, “OMG”, “Oh Dear” and wonder what happened. Well, it looks bad. Going by the definition of correction being 10% decline and bear market 20% decline, the US market is almost in correction now. However, the market has also […]

US Market Correction

How much hong bao to give
It is the time of the year our journey with money involves HONG BAOS!! After an entire year of doing value investing and financial planning, finally it is the time to receive some money!! As value investors, we find ways to most efficiently give our money too. The hongbao that you receive can […]

How much Hong Bao to give for Chinese New Year ...