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There are plenty of investor’s mindsets around. With different types of investing styles, it is hard to conclude what is the best investment strategy out there. Even with different styles, we have found out there are certain mindsets that are consistent among the highly effective investors. Most of them would […]

7 mindsets of highly effective investors

Is Value Investing Still Relevant
Recently, I have seen some articles discussing topics like “Is Value Investing Still Relevant”, “Is Value Investing Dead” etc. I thought I will just join in the fun of this discussion thread since this blog is largely about Value Investing and personal financial management. The father of value investing is […]

Is Value Investing Still Relevant?

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Many investors who bought a saving plan confessed in me that they were very disappointed in the interest rates that insurance companies were giving. Some of them cut lost by terminating their saving plan, some of that continue to bite the bullet and carry on paying. “Why buy a saving […]

Why buy a saving plan when you can invest?

Recently I have many people asking me about Value Investing. Value Investing has gained much popularity in recent years. There are a lot of courses on value investing courses today. All promising to teach you the skill made famous by Warren Buffett. Over here at Journey With Money, we are […]

Who is Warren Buffett’s Mentor?

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 No fixed pay. Short term contracts. No annual leaves. How to do financial planning (Singapore) like that? (Check out the 5 myths of financial planning.) No money to do stock investment too. Unfortunately, the current job market dynamics is one that prefer short term contracts. Many University Graduates are having difficulties […]

How to survive and thrive as a freelancer?

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There are many forms of investing out there. You might have heard of value investing, technical analysis, forex trading or options strategies, etc. There are tales of how people earn big money from any one strategy. There seems to have hurricane of information out there on the internet. With so many information out there, […]

What is value investing?

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  This is a follow up write-up to my article StarHub 2016 Full Year Results. Please read that article if you have not read it. I have been waiting for the release of the StarHub Q2 2017 results as I wanted to have a sense of their business momentum and […]

Updated View of StarHub After 1H 2017

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I assure you this isn’t another article about how to create passive income while you sleep. Today, I would like to share with you a discovery. In Singapore, most of us spend most of our money on food and on transportation. While it is rather affordable to eat and take […]

Make money when you eat or Grab

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There are a lot of tips and strategies out there on how to be successful in life. Did their wealth come from their parents stock investing or financial planning, their connections or their hard work? In the past, I will look at successful people and wonder how they got there. Just how […]

How to be successful in life: 4 tips I got ...

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As you earn from you active income, knowing how to manage the inflow of that income is very important and today we talk about the Harv Eker Money Jar System to better manage your personal finance. The Financial Excel Cheat Sheet article provided an excel template for your to do […]

Harv Eker Money Jar System