Decisions. Decisions. Decisions Everyday we are bombarded by decisions. We can choose what to do with our life. We can choose what to do with our time. We can choose what to do with our financial planning (singapore). Most of the time, we spend money based on habits. This is […]

5 ways to start investing with $3000

Your House is not an Asset
I was reading an article about renting vs buying a home on The Sunday Times (21 May) and remembered what Robert Kiyosaki famously mentioned that your house is not an asset. I would leave it to you to read more about the article. What I want to do here is […]

Your House Is Not An Asset

A study showing that buying low P/BV + Div yield outperform the market. Back in 2012, i came across an interesting and educational article in the Business Times by Ms Teh Hooi Ling. It was a piece on how a research study had shown that buying low P/BV + high Div […]

How to outperform the market using one simple strategy

How to double your money
At Journey With Money, we don’t promise get-rich-quick schemes. But is it possible to double your money in a relatively shorter period of time? I want to talk about 2 ways here. 1. Strive for Higher Rate of Return I talked about the wonder of compound interest and how compounding interest/return […]

How To Double Your Money?

If you’re not paying for it through the health plan, you pay for it in the emergency room ~David Lehman Planning for medical expenses is one of the basic building blocks for financial planning (singapore). To leave it out of your planning is like sailing in the treacherous water without […]

Planning for medical expenses

Fear and Greed Image
You might have heard Warren Buffett’s saying “Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful”. Emotions of the mind like fear and greed may preside over rational decision making since you are dealing with money matters when you are buying and selling in the stock market. […]

Fear And Greed

How many people do you know who struggle with money, who can’t save, who don’t earn enough, who spend too much, or who can’t figure out what to do next with their careers? We live in a time where majority of people in Singapore are either bogged down by massive […]

5 myths of financial planning (singapore)

Value Investing Course
This post is my strong recommendation of a course on Value Investing in Singapore though it is also available in a few other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan etc. The US stock market continues to run higher and higher. The PE ratio for S&P 500 is currently about 25. I […]

Value Investing Course

In Singapore, most of friends will tell me they want to save for rainy days. While this is a good mindset to have, most of my friends do not have an answer when I asked what kind of rainy day they are preparing for. It is like saving to buy […]

Are you prepared for a critical illness in Singapore?

As value investors in Singapore, Journey with money is sharing how to manage money through credit card fee waiver. This is important for ladies as a form of cutting down expenses. I have many friends that do not know how to waiver credit card annual fee or late charges, and […]

Credit card annual fee waiver in Singapore. How to?