Financial Planning
In journey with money, we want to help people to retire with confidence through stock investing and also financial planning. Today, we want to talk about getting cashback using your cards. There have been plenty of talks on the best credit card for cashback ever since cashback became popular. Recently, […]

Best Cashback Card 2017

New. Sleek. Buutttttt expensive. Coming 3rd November, the Iphone X will be launched in Singapore shores and it will come with a hefty price tag of $1648 for an entry level 64GB phone. In our journey with money, we advocate stock investment especially value investing accompanied with proper financial planning. With a $1648 price […]

IPhone X: what you are really paying for

In your journey with money, I believe some of us would have received calls from long lost friends who have a business proposal that he/she would like to share. When I was 19, I got my first call and found myself in an old and shady commercial building in Taisheng. To my […]

Is MLM (multi level marketing) a scam?

Financial Planning Singapore
There are many hacks in life ranging from psychological hacks to manage money to using baking soda to unclog your kitchen sink. One particular aspect in life that we taken for granted is money or financial planning. Have you ever wondered where your money magically disappeared to at the end of […]

Psychological Hacks to Manage Money

S Should I buy stocks, bonds, etfs, properties, gold or unit trusts etc? Which asset class makes the best investment? It’s never about the asset class but rather the price you paid(valuation). When it comes to price you paid, you can either use fundamental analysis or technical analysis. More importantly, one […]

Which Asset Class or Vechicle Make for Better Investments?

Stock Investing Singapore
What are the risk today?   With missiles about to fire from North Korea and interesting Presidential decisions in USA, shock waves are rippling into the stock market. (2 most interesting and dangerous man in the world) For those that are in stocks investing (Singapore), choppy times comes with great opportunity. 2017 […]

Reducing risk using options in the stock market

value investing singapore
There are plenty of investor’s mindsets around. With different types of investing styles, it is hard to conclude what is the best investment strategy out there. Even with different styles, we have found out there are certain mindsets that are consistent among the highly effective investors. Most of them would […]

7 mindsets of highly effective investors

Is Value Investing Still Relevant
Recently, I have seen some articles discussing topics like “Is Value Investing Still Relevant”, “Is Value Investing Dead” etc. I thought I will just join in the fun of this discussion thread since this blog is largely about Value Investing and personal financial management. The father of value investing is […]

Is Value Investing Still Relevant?

Financial Planning Singapore
Many investors who bought a saving plan confessed in me that they were very disappointed in the interest rates that insurance companies were giving. Some of them cut lost by terminating their saving plan, some of that continue to bite the bullet and carry on paying. “Why buy a saving […]

Why buy a saving plan when you can invest?

Recently I have many people asking me about Value Investing. Value Investing has gained much popularity in recent years. There are a lot of courses on value investing courses today. All promising to teach you the skill made famous by Warren Buffett. Over here at Journey With Money, we are […]

Who is Warren Buffett’s Mentor?