Singapore Savings Bonds
As a practitioner of Value Investing in Singapore, writing about the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) seems unlikely. However, in Are You Prepared for Stock Market Crash, I did mention about setting aside some cash to leverage on possible buying opportunities at great value, and I thought you may want at […]

Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)

Stock Market Crash
As stock markets around the world continue to rally, especially the US stock market which is getting rather expensive, many people including analysts, fund managers etc are predicting an impending stock market crash. The truth is that nobody knows and nobody can predict when a crash is going to happen. […]

Are You Prepared For Stock Market Crash?

There is got to be some connection between food and Singaporeans. In the previous series, how to save up to 50% when dining with eatigo, we noticed a lot of friends enquire more of how to use the vouchers at Cold Storage and at Starbucks. Journey with Money is all […]

How To Save Up To 50% When Dining With Eatigo

This is a continuation of my previous post. As an income investor, there 3 more things on the checklist that you should check too. 4. Are the dividends payout sustainable? Learn how to calculate Dividend Payout Ratio The payout ratio indicates the percentage of a firm’s earnings that are paid […]

Dividends Don’t Lie – Part 2

We are brought up in a very complicated society. Do you have friends who tell you that they will fail in this exam only to find out that they got an A? Do you have friends who tell you that they have no money but strangely able to travel at least […]

AIA Vitality

The SGX is a great place to hunt for dividend-paying stocks as dividends earned are tax-exempted in Singapore. Recently, I have many people asking me how to build passive income through investing in high dividend yield stocks? Therefore, I decided to come out with a post to teach people what are […]

Dividends Don’t Lie – Part 1

Journey With Money
In this post, I would like to share my own Journey With Money. I will be linking to many other articles, but you should enjoy reading through the article and then visiting links to articles of interest to you later. Earnings Power I have had a successful career, having spent almost […]

Journey With Money

In my journey with money, I often share with my family and friends the importance of investing. Most of the time, I will be asked to share my investment philosophy and methodology. My own research usually focuses on selecting high quality stocks to add into a portfolio and I am a […]

Investing in High-Quality Stocks

In your journey with money, you probably would have seen articles after articles of how young people are retiring at a young age. Then you look at yourself and think maybe you can do that too. Wow. I want to be like them too. 5 minutes after the inspirational moment, […]

Retiring early

What a title! It is the title from Bloomberg’s news today (8 March 2017). According to Bloomberg, 31% of board and executive committee members in financial services in Thailand are WOMEN. Thailand beats U.S. for having women in the top finance jobs. According to Bloomberg’s interview with the president of […]

Where Women Rule Finance and Men Think Banking Is Boring