harv eker money jars savings
As you earn from you active income, knowing how to manage the inflow of that income is very important and today we talk about the Harv Eker Money Jar System to better manage your personal finance. The Financial Excel Cheat Sheet article provided an excel template for your to do […]

Harv Eker Money Jar System

Value investing_cheap Michelin food in Singapore
As value investors in Singapore, we constantly look out for good businesses that are undervalue for our investment. As a good deal researcher, I would like to share this good deal on food with our readers today. Have you ever tried food that are rated with Michelin Star? You probably […]

Cheapest Michelin Star Food in Singapore (SGD$5 only!!)

Most folks will know the importance of a good management team in a company. Good management can lead a company to higher revenue, profit and growth. Poor management can bring a company down, sometimes toward bankruptcy, destroying shareholder value in the process. Hence, part of the stock investment process will require some form […]

Evaluating A Company’s Management

I often tell people that I am a strong advocate of buy-and -hold strategy in stocks for the long term. Time and time again I have been emphasising the importance of being a patient investor and allow the market to help you compound your returns over time. Of course, for […]

How do I track and monitor my investments?

Turning your daily cuppa into retirement fund
I share with people my investment journey, what I do and how I seek decent investment returns for my money. Many appreciate my sharing and those who decide to take actions follow my recommendations and are starting to see initial stock investment successes. There are some people who say they […]

Turning Your Daily Cuppa Into Retirement Fund

Stock Investing Singapore
Singaporeans generally are attracted to the idea of dividend stocks investing. This is because we are living in a country where we pay no tax for our capital/dividend gains! If you build a portfolio big enough, eventually, this can replace your active income (which is taxable) with one that isn’t […]

How to find Singapore High Dividend Yield stocks?

singapore dividend stocks
In this post, I will illustrate my thoughts and analysis process whether SGX is a great Singapore dividend stock to own. To do this, I reference back to the 5-step stock investment framework. For simplicity, I only mention below the key points. Step 1 Stock Screening – SGX provides listing, […]

Singapore Dividend Stocks – SGX

financial planning singapore first insurance
The initial joy of getting your first paycheck. The pride you get for telling your family you got your first job. Then the sudden realization that you are an adult. It is as if the world knows you are stepping out into the workforce. Credit cards promoters seemed to be […]

What Type Of Insurances Do I Need In Singapore When ...

Building Passive Income
In many of our articles, we mentioned the concept of passive income and the imperatives of building passive income to one day surpass one’s expenses. When passive income is greater than expenses, one is said to have achieved financial freedom. What we also believe is that this should not be […]

Building Passive Income

In are you prepared for a critical illness in Singapore?, we look at why it is important to get a critical illness protection especially in Singapore. There are also 5 myths of financial planning that is important for us to relook the fundamentals of financial planning (singapore). One of the […]

Critical Illness Plans (Singapore)