Journey With Money
In this post, I would like to share my own Journey With Money. I will be linking to many other articles, but you should enjoy reading through the article and then visiting links to articles of interest to you later. Earnings Power I have had a successful career, having spent almost […]

Journey With Money

In my journey with money, I often share with my family and friends the importance of investing. Most of the time, I will be asked to share my investment philosophy and methodology. My own research usually focuses on selecting high quality stocks to add into a portfolio and I am a […]

Investing in High-Quality Stocks

In your journey with money, you probably would have seen articles after articles of how young people are retiring at a young age. Then you look at yourself and think maybe you can do that too. Wow. I want to be like them too. 5 minutes after the inspirational moment, […]

28 year old.. retired??? 31 year old.. retired???

What a title! It is the title from Bloomberg’s news today (8 March 2017). According to Bloomberg, 31% of board and executive committee members in financial services in Thailand are WOMEN. Thailand beats U.S. for having women in the top finance jobs. According to Bloomberg’s interview with the president of […]

Where Women Rule Finance and Men Think Banking Is Boring

Excel sheets have changed the business world by making things simpler, more organised and more efficient. Look at any job portal websites, most businesses often hire new recruits that are proficient in excel. It will be a understatement to say that excel has taken over our lives. While it is a […]

One Excel File That Will Change Your Financial Future

Stock Investment Framework
Investing in the equity market can yield tremendous returns. Many friends and relatives I have spoken to do not have a stock trading account or have stopped investing in the stock market, often citing the following reasons: have been “burned” before it is risky don’t know how to invest It […]

Stock Investment Framework

“Investing in stocks is risky business!” I have many relatives and friends telling me this whenever I try to educate them and convince them that the stock market is simply a place where investors can search for good and profitable businesses to own to accumulate wealth for themselves. To a person who does […]

Everybody ought to be rich

I’m not sure about you but I’m really glad that I’m living in this digital age. Because, you can find information easily. If you could go back in time to 1940s and tell people that you can get any sort of information in this small device called the phone, they […]

How to not lose money

“My money is my money, my boyfriend’s or husband’s money is still my money.” To ladies out there, have you ever had the above thought? And the thought of becoming a stay-home housewife after marriage because your future husband is going to work and support the family? BUT have you […]

Women Empowerment. Why?

StarHub 2016 Full Year Results
StarHub has just announced their full-year 2016 financial results. Similarly M1 announced their 2016 full-year results while SingTel furnished their YTD 9-month report card. Given quite substantial coverage of these telco companies, 2 of which are component stocks of the STI Index, my intent is to comment more generally about […]

StarHub 2016 Full Year Results